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BK Academy of Chess Blog

Together we build, and over-the-board we even the score!

    • So what's your favorite opening?

      Compliments for supporting BK Academy of Chess:  50 Videos Covering Opening Theory  ECO Volume A - http://goo.gl/IAgcvf ECO Volume B - http://goo.gl/fRmBDp C20–C99: Open Game - http://goo.gl/x18xJB A51: Budapest Gambit, Kieninger - Trap http... | Read More

    • The Lucena, Promoting the Pawn

      Since rook and pawn endgames occur quite often in chess, learning the Lucena Position can greatly improve your game. Learn how to play with and against this position, one of the most famous and importent positions in chess endgame theory. So wit... | Read More

    • Try the French Defense - It's Easy!

      Why learn the French?   It's easy to learn; The general ideas are straight forward; It's very safe and sound; You can set it up with no problem.   Learn how to play with and against the French Defense in this easy to follow and well organized... | Read More

    • Queen + Rook vs. Queen + Bishop

      A chess endgame lesson from a correspondence game that I recently played. | Read More

    • Famous Swindled Series

      Learn about the most famous Swindler, U.S. Champion Frank Marshall,  a gifted tactician who was one of the world's strongest players in the early 20th century. Famous Chess Swindles, Part I    Learn a very instructional endgame tactic fr... | Read More

    • Rook Endgame: A Practical Lesson

      BK Academy of Chess presents a practical endgame lesson taken from one of Black__Knight's games. I'm not a master, however this video contains practical rook endgame ideas that all end gamers should know.    Together we build and over the bo... | Read More

    • Tactic Practice #2

      Sharpen your tactics with these tactical motifs to train your brain to recognize the important and powerful tactical patterns that  show up in chess games repeatedly. These are the basic tactical maneuvers used in building complex combinations.... | Read More

    • Maróczy Bind

      Learn about the Maróczy Bind, a pawn formation that is often played against the Sicilian Defense, most noteably against the Accelerated Dragon. A formation that ofter gives Sicilian players a hard way to go.   Together we build and over th... | Read More

    • Ruy Lopez Exchange, Like Bobby

      Learn how to play with and against the Barendregt Variation of the Ruy Lopez, Exchange Variation, an open which Bobby Fischer played with great success.      | Read More

    • Openings Ended in Smothered Mate

      BK Academy of Chess presents: Three videos hightlighting a tactical mating technigue, Smothered Mate, checkmating a king sufficating for... space. This can happen during any phase of the game, including in the opening, as the follow videos will d... | Read More