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    • Big-time Blunders, No 2

      From the following games: Mikhail Chigorin vs. Wilhelm Steinitz Tigran Petrosian vs. David Bronstein Miguel Najdorf vs. Bobby Fischer Viktor Korchnoi vs. Anatoly Karpov Murray Chandler vs. Susan Polgar http://youtu.be/kFJr7F9rfaw | Read More

    • Some Big-time Blunders

      From the following games: Magnus Carlsen vs. Levon Aronian Viswanathan Anand vs. Garry Kasparov Alexander Beliavsky vs. Leif Erlend Johannessen Deep Fritz vs. Vladimir Kramnik Étienne Bacrot vs. Ernesto Inarkiev http://youtu.be/QOOfPgLVBrQ | Read More

    • Kasparov vs The World

      The chess game played in 1999 that produced a mixture of deep tactical and strategic ideas, Kasparov later said, - It is the greatest game in the history of chess. The sheer number of ideas, the complexity, and the contribution it has made to ches... | Read More

    • Deeper Blue, The Rematch, Game 6

      Game 6, the rematch of the Deep Blue vs Kasparov, one year after their prior match that ended in a tie, after 5 games. This was the tie breaker, one game, winner take all, played in New York City on May 11, 1997. http://youtu.be/BOOJcwpkqHI | Read More

    • Deep Blue

      The first game in which a computer defeated the world chess champion using classical time controls. http://youtu.be/9EUNVsVUF5o | Read More

    • The Game of the Century

      Bobby Fischer @ 13 The Game of the Century https://youtu.be/G5u8i48W1bM | Read More

    • The Immortal Losing Game

      The Immortal Losing Game http://youtu.be/QGFeiMSHbys A tribute to the loser's attempt to swindle his way out of losing. From the game, Bogdan Sliwa - David Bronstein. Totally losing the game, Bronstein continues on, and still manages to find ... | Read More

    • Liordis Quesada vs. Carlos Antonio Alejano

      Chess game from  the  Cuba  Men tournament,  Round 12, 2014.  Made at the request of International  Master  Liordis  Quesada. To have a video made of your game, contact BK's videographer, Tyrone Ferrara. | Read More

    • Pedro Ramon Martinez Reyes vs. Mark D. Tseitlin

        First Video by the request of Pedro Ramon Martinez Reyes. Enjoy. | Read More

    • Nimzo-Indian, Rubinstein System: Part 4

      Learn how to play with and against the Rubinstein System of the Nimzo-Indian Defense where black plays d6 on move four.       Subscribe  @  http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=tyrone0ferrara       Join me on Fac... | Read More