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Blunderprone's rantings of a chess enthusiast.

Imagination, Inspiration and improvement.

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This is a blog that chronicles the struggles with chess improvement through the study of historic games, musings on various fad imporvement techniques, and games from my own experiences.

    • Peering through the amber...

      I recently saw a post by The Great Patzer ( www.thegreatpatzer.blogspot.com) who was looking for what happened to : “A Great deal of people who have enthusiastically blogged in pursuit of higher ratings seem to have left their efforts; while t... | Read More

    • Part 2 on AoW: Chapter 2 Waging War

      "He who wishes to fight must first count the cost” Since chess costs money to play competitively in rated events,  I thought I’d attempt this chapter line by line and make sense in the chess sense. 1. In the operations of war, where there ar... | Read More

    • Part 1: A self study in Sun TZu's Art of War and how it can relate to chess

        An Introduction to a series I have one of those Shambala Pocket Classic books I used to carry around at chess tournaments. I don’t know why I never really invested the time to read it thoroughly until now. I used to use it  to cover up... | Read More

    • Eidetic Imagery and Total Immersion in Chess

      How I found this rabbit hole One of the books I got from dear old dad was Fischer’s “My 60 Memorable games”.  I vaguely recalled a blurb somewhere that Fischer had trained by studying in depth old classic games and was trying to rela... | Read More

    • Dare I blunder some more?

        For the past couple of years, my priorities in life had shifted pushing chess to the bottom shelf behind the therapeutic guitar. One thing I’ve learned is that given time, things do change and shift.  Things tend to level off, a new harmon... | Read More

    • Evaluation of chess skills post hiatus: Learning to recognize emotional based memory markers..

      Because of time constraints, I opted to take only half of the test ( first 50 problems) in IM Khmelnitsky’s Chess Exam and training guide. I used a spread sheet to tally the score and adjust for the 50% portion. After making these adjustments an... | Read More

    • Chess on a busy schedule and limited resources

      My chess pieces feel so neglected they are about to form their own EMO-punk band singing songs of prolonged neglect and searching for wood chippers. Life has a way of getting real and limiting my ability to enjoy my favorite hobby. My last foray w... | Read More

    • Blunderprone finds chess in Montreal.

      This past week I’ve been vacationing in Montreal QC with my wife instead of hanging out in Philadelphia with all the other riff-raff at the World Open. I left the chess board behind but could not help keep an eye on the games in the evening... | Read More

    • Leaning into the sword

      Someone suggested I post a couple of those horrendous games I mentioned from the previous post.   I did a position search in the data base to see where I veered off or my opponent and not to my surprise it was rather early on. Also, I found myse... | Read More

    • Well, THAT completely sucked!

      After a hiatus in chess due to life events last over 6 months, my plan was to take some rust off at the club in May, play in the Mass Open and then really bring a good game to the Rhodes Island state championship.  The activity at the club defini... | Read More