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Me v my mum ;) Part 2.

I just thought  would blog this 1st as I did say ages ago I would put the 2nd game up lol.  I have annotated it a little bit but I did not give my mum as many chances this time. Once again the chances I gave her were in the Brackets. Those were the moves she originally made and I let her re play them. (except for the Qh5 move lol) Showed that just to show the winnning move.

So my mum did kinda well. I may play her again over the next few weeks where i give her no chances at all and we just play normally and see how quick I can win that time  ;)  Another blog on its way after this one as I played a up and down crazy game on Monday which clinched the league title for me at my club  ;)


  • 15 months ago


    Thanks guys once I get my pc working I will keep up to date with blogging.  19. Qg4 and Kxd6 ;) 

  • 15 months ago


    Move #19 Qg4 would have been a quicker Checkmate by 3moves.  Nothing she can do but block w/ her Queen to last 1 turn longer.  Great blog thanks

  • 15 months ago


    good game

  • 15 months ago


    Thanks mate lol. And I dont see much point in playing your mum. To learn the basics and for her to have any clue it would take months of lessons lol. Better is to play pawn wars! And build up to harder games. Or move up to Rooks and pawns with no king v Rooks and pawns etc. Lots of smaller games would be less daunting for her. Thats how I teach with CSC. Build the games up to a full game.

  • 16 months ago


    That's actually quite nice you can play your Mum lol mine don't know how to play, and I know if she let me give her a 1h lesson on how the pieces move, basic things not to do, she could play me and I'd give her a chance I'd play without my queen... I look forward to round 3 Cool

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