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3-way chess

On my birthday my dear daughter bought me a present she thought was just want I wanted and craved for: a three way chess-set. This was of course very considerate and nice of her and I really appreciate the gesture. She knows how I love chess and wanted to give me something something very special and out of the ordinary.

I actually tried to play it, once or maybe even twice. It´s a bit tricky, you need two opponents, both keen on playng this bizarre version of the game. Then you need patience to try to understand the tactics and how to think. But once you starts playing it all falls to pieces. If ordinary chess is difficult, why complicating it even further with one more player on the board?

To put it short, don´t try this at home, 3-way chess doesn´t fly. And if you still would like to give it a shot and buy a set, my piece is not for sale. It comes from a person very dear to me.


  • 3 years ago


    how much is it?Im in the market for one.is there any cheap ones that i could find some where

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