A new look ... at a classic game. (GOC)

Perhaps one of the greatest chess games of all time would have to be the classic (and well-known) game of:
IM Donanld Byne - NM Robert J. Fischer;  
("The Game of The Century.") 
The Rosenwald Championship Tournament;
New York City, NY/USA; 1956.   

You can replay this game on the "Chess Games" website at the following URL: http://www.chessgames.com/perl/chessgame?gid=1008361.  

I have seen many annotations of this game ... you can look at the Google search for this topic here

See this game here ... on this website. 

I decided that ... since many of the books that had looked at this game were 50+ years old ... it was time for a new look at this great game of chess. 

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  • 16 months ago

    NM FLchessplayer

    I have gotten several messages and e-mails about this game ... they were all positive.

  • 19 months ago

    NM FLchessplayer

    Of course, I already have THE web page on this game ...

    my web page is quoted by ChessBase ... and it also quotes just about all the relevant chess books about this game. 

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