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    • My second "Three-Check" tournament!

      TOURNAMENT (#719328) 3-0 "Three-Check" Tournament - 7 rounds.   The Tournament has ended! Congratulations to NM FLchessplayer (1st), NM 3ptdka (2nd), SubzeroAk47 (3rd)! I did very badly in my first "three-check" tournament ... I lost ALL of my ... | Read More

    • My (variant) games ...

      A nice game of Fischer-Random (960) chess. (Click here.) A very exciting game of "Crazyhouse," I mate with 2.9 seconds left on my clock!  FIVE QUEENS ... (plus a Rook) {as Black} ... really not a bad (960) game, either.  One of the best games of... | Read More

    • A Ruy Lopez ... without the theory?

      Everyone knows the "Ruy Lopez" ... (also called "The Spanish Torture!") ... ... ... it was GM/World Champ Bobby Fischer's favorite opening. (See some games in this opening.)   It begins with: 1.e4, e5;  2.Nf3, Nc6;  3.Bb5.  (See the diagram... | Read More

    • Funny/humorous handles!

      I have always wanted to make a blog, (keep a record) ... of some of the more imaginative and cute handles.  #1.) veganbacon #2.) ForeverHoldYourPiece  #3.) UnderCookedChicken    PS -- If you know of any I should add, just leave a comment... | Read More

    • Longest chess game???

        It was all bad chess, it was rude and stupid and the offender(s) got two accounts closed for causing so much trouble ... but this is still something I am obliged - as a chess journalist - to report. Take a look at the following game: https... | Read More

    • My salute to IM E. Tate

      My salute to IM Emory Tate.   *************************************************************    Post: #300812 by LifeMasterAJ on Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:57 am A sorrowful goodbye, (to) IM Emory A. Tate. 1958-2015.(We were both born in the same ye... | Read More

    • Model game - in the Spanish.

      HERE  is a model game that I played today on this server. I consider it to be a very fine specimen of the Ruy Lopez / Spanish Game. (It is very good, if not close to perfect. While it is impossible to play the ENGINE MOVE EVERY TIME ... {Only che... | Read More

    • My tournament games

                    My tournament games     By FLchessplayer / A.J. Goldsby I    I got an e-mail the other day, one friend asked that I start posting more blogs with my tournament games. (Click HERE to go to my GC page for my games.)... | Read More

    • Another first place!

      Monday; May 4th, 2015.   This morning, at around 9:30 AM (CDT) I won another one-minute tournament. (One minute chess, 1-0, no increment or time delay.) It was tournament # 519899< I won with a perfect 7-0 score. (Click here to see the full g... | Read More

    • One minute tournament, # 514614

      TOURNAMENT (#514164) - 1|0 Lightning Tournament - 9 rounds 1|0 Lightning is about to start! Get ready to play! (Finish games in progress immediately.) The Tournament has ended!  Congratulations to NM FLchessplayer (1st), Gleb17 (2nd), schuurma... | Read More