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Butting heads ... with other titled players.

OK, a few weeks back ... I get both this message and an e-mail.
(Just some hater ... ) 

He says something like ...
"You are such a loser, you ALWAYS lose when you play another titled player!" 

Well, just for this person, I created the following little collection.

(A few) notable wins --- follows. 

(See my FaceBook page ... for many more examples!!!) 

***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***     ***  


(Vs. FM H__B) 

(Vs. IM apuntando) 

(Vs. an NM)  

(Vs. FM hotelero) 

(Vs. FM JATorres60) 

(Vs. FM jlkinglion, added - Thurs; July 31st, 2014.) 


(Vs. NM Ortznoi57 - added Tuesday; August 12th, 2014.) 


FM loses in 10 moves. (Added April 8th, 2015.) 


A very tough game - against FM jlkinglion.
(3-0 blitz, no delay or increment.) 
(Added Saturday; April 11th, 2015.)  


I won a tough (near-perfect) game vs. (FM) "sotochess,"
click HERE to see this game. (Sunday; March 12th, 2015.) 
(You can also replay this game on my "Facebook" page.)  

FM johangunawan vs. NM FLchessplayer  
Add one more FM to my little collection. (Click HERE.) 
{Added: Monday; April 13th, 2015.}  


NM ortnoi57 vs. FLchessplayer (Click HERE.)  
{Added: Monday; April 13th, 2014.}  


FM Philofive vs. NM FLchessplayer.  
An odd game, click here
{Added Wednesday; April 15th, 2015.}   


A good win (with Black) vs. another NM.  
(Potsed on Tuesday; April 21st, 2015.)  


A very TIGHT win over another NM, (JawsChess);
see the comments after the game. Click HERE.  
{Posted Saturday; April 25th, 2015.}   


A good win over FM H_E_D_G_E_H_O_G.
(Click HERE.)  {Posted May 1st, 2015.}  


I defeat FM slave-trajkoski. (Click HERE.) 
{Added: Saturday; 09 May; 2015.}  


I defeated WGM GoValya. (Click HERE.)  
{Added: Monday: May 11th, 2015.}  

I defeated FM jlkinglion. (Click HERE.)  
{Added: Monday; May 11th, 2015.}


I defeated FM beaumes.  (Click HERE.)  
{Added: Monday; May 11th, 2015.}   


I defeat FM bitzkommer. (Click HERE.)  
{Added: Tuesday; May 12th, 2015.}  


I defeat an IM ... for my second win over an IM that day. (See my FB page for both games.)
See my win over IM mfranic. (Click here.) 
{Added Friday; May 22nd, 2015.} 



  • 9 months ago

    NM FLchessplayer

    I just won clear first at the LA State Chamionship tournament ... I guess I can play slow chess OK.

  • 9 months ago

    NM FLchessplayer

    I like this collection ... every time I see a title next to a name, I want to play well. 

  • 9 months ago

    NM FLchessplayer

    Haha ... last six titled opponents have all aborted. I asked one why, he said he didn't want his name added to this list!

  • 10 months ago

    NM FLchessplayer


    Another game vs, a NM.  

    Thursday; August 14th, 2014.  

  • 10 months ago

    NM FLchessplayer

    Many good comments. The games are nice, so I leave the collection up. 

    Thanks to everyone, so far about six people have left nice messages and/or e-mails. (Thanks to Reguvvie98 for his positive message.) 


    Thursday; July 31st, 2014.  
    Many positive comments, several messages, and even a few e-mails. Thanks to the one player from Picayune (Mississippi) who said he was at my tournament in Lafayette ... and he thought I played like a GM. (I didn't! But thanks for the thought, anyway!) 

  • 10 months ago


    Whatever anybody says mate,you are a great player,so dont bother about what some foolish ignorant brat says

  • 10 months ago



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