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Tactic Strainer 6


This is part six of Tactic Strainer,
 which looks
the minds of some
strange strainers straining


 What prompted this bloggy thingy is described in part one:
and continues in part two: 

and part three:


and part four:


and part five:


[I wonder if Scotty and Co. are still with us?]


The Friendly Advice Bureau

Two tips (from Amsterdam?) [10-26-09]
A:  Wow, I failed :(  Such a surprisingly easy puzzle for a high rating!
B:  If there's two tips I can give you about thought process, always first look for an immediate forced checkmate. If one doesn't look immediately obvious, examine all of your enemy pieces and look for anything unprotected and figure out a strategy to take them out.
Using the above thought process would have told you at the beginning that there was a Qe4+ leading nowhere and two minor pieces hanging, both the bishop on b4 and knight on b5. These elements of observation more or less told me exactly what needed to be done in this problem.  Ignore the check and head straight for the material.
I hope that this helps you in the future.

Downhill all the way [10-29-09]
For those 40% of people who chose the wrong knight like me, moving the C file N leaves black's queen vulnerable to a pin from one of the white rooks on the baseline.  hus, if black chooses to recapture after the c file knight captures, either rook can pin the black queen. In other words: 2. Nxe5 fxe5 3. Rac1 Qxc1 4. Rxc1+ and things go downhill from there.

 I Talk to the Trees Department

Let me just check that [10-27-09] 
A:  Instead of Qe3+, doesn't Qe5+ also lead to mate?
A:  No, it doesn't. I just saw it.

Balmy or barmy? [10-30-09] 
A:  Looking at it very quickly I would have taken the rook, but of course that's balmy as well.
I should have known better than to have criticized what is quite a good puzzle. It's me that's balmy, cheers.

Simple  [11-09-09] 
A:  This rates 1631?
A:  Yup, a simple 1-mover discovered check.

I'm an idiot and I'm going to sue!   [11-11-09] 
A:  If this is called tactics "trainer" shouldn't I be getting better?  'm gonna sue the creators I'm 0 for 3 on this problem and am losing faith that I will convert a fourth time if seen again. Frown
A:  Oh wait, I just remembered. I'm an IDIOT. Here's to happiness via lowered expectations. Cool

The Context Category

Always 'set the scene' when quoting others

Mates [10-26-09]
A:  Nice mate.
B:  Yes, a knock out mate!

This is no way to treat your friends [10-27-09]
Ah, how I love smothered mates.

What a puzzle!
Hard one! I like it! :)


The Modesty Model

Ranting about rating  [10-28-09]
Now the rating is 1776, but mine is higher!

Subtle [10-29-09]
I almost missed this one!


The Nice Expressions Section

Squirting soap [10-30-09]
The king can always squirt to safety like a bar of soap!


If wishes were kisses, I wouldn't have married the Mrs. [10-25-09]
Same here. I wish I'd read your comment first!

How big is a headache? [10-25-09]
This problem gave me a massive headache.

Never let go in front of a Bishop [10-25-09]
I did Rc1, then saw the darn Bishop a second after I let go.

That's not cricket [10-26-09] 
A:  OK, that stumped me... big time.
B:  Duh, for me.

Over and over [10-26-09]
A:  I almost way over analyzed that one.
B:  It's so easy, it makes you over-think it.

Hunger strikes [10-26-09]
My pawn was hungry, too. He-he.

The return of the Munchkins [10-27-09] 
...Meanwhile black's king is free to come out of its hiding hole and munch on some pawns on the other side of the board.

We all want a promotion, even pawns [10-27-09] 
Very nice way of explaining, but I was actually looking for a pawn promotion.

Stop call me Initially [10-27-09]  
A:  I did not see that initially
Solved, but I didn't look for that initially, either. :)

The Slappers ride again  [10-27-09] 
A:  Slaps forehead.
B:  Ditto.

Have you tried sheep?  [10-27-09] 
I hate square counting problems. 

Why? [10-27-09] 
A banner on the page says I must make a comment. Why, and about what?

Seriously folks, this is no laughing matter  [10-27-09] 
What does, "hahahahahahahahahaha" mean? Is it a rude statement?

Crap  [10-27-09]  
A:  Horrible problem. Who gives a crap? The king just has to get away!
JackOfAllTrades:  I give a crap. Because if you play e.g. Ka5 the rook can nestle in on a8 and make your life difficult, maybe even holding the draw. This way Ra8 or Rc8 can both be followed up with Kb7! which not only prevents the rook from giving check again, but takes control of all the squares leading to promotion (guaranteeing the win).
So there is a world of difference between the solution move and any other move.

Disparaging Jack  [10-29-09] 
None of these moves were hard to find and didn't require thinking outside the box.

Not as good as a Wine Taster  [10-30-09] 
This type of thing is a time waster

Of all the words to misspell  [10-30-09]
What kind of retarted first move is that from black?

This clears the matter up nicely  [11-01-09]
I seriously doubt anyone would be this stupid! I mean placing the Black Rook in front of the Queen who is near the White King along with the Black Rook next to the Black Queen in checkmate mode just makes Black's checkmating the White King a lot easier. All White had to do was get their Queen to capture the Black Rook, putting the White King in check, then White King moves to the far corner and then White Rook finishes the checkmate off by blocking the second row.
[Got it?]

Not a churchgoer, then  [11-01-09]
I didn't see the bishop!

Basic Instinct and Phil's mate is a witness  [11-01-09]
Even knowing the Philidor's mate is there, I still took the queen. Damn these basic instincts that cry "Blood!" and "Kill!"

Why's that, then?   [11-01-09]
Some of these problems that end up being one move tactics, I kinda wish they'd not be in here.

Surgery [11-05-09]
No, I mean Bishop to g4 to pin the Knight & Queen, possibly open up the King.

Beautifully happy strainers [11-05-09]
A:  I loved it. One of the most beautiful mates I've seen in the trainer.
B:  Beauty.

The chocolate checkmate [11-05-09]
Triple checkmate. Triple chocolate sure is the best! Dark, Milk & White, row by row!

Is this a one-horse town? No, it's...  [11-05-09]
 A true case of a one trick pony.

Forking and crying  [11-05-09]
A:  Silly me; I settled for one fork.
B:  I saw the second fork right after I moved my rook. Frown
C:  Cool; a double fork.
D:  This puzzle made me and my tactics rating cry. :(

Sometimes, words just aren't enough [11-06-09]

Everyone loves pawn [11-06-09]
Another pawned King.
B:  That king got pawned.

[Well, almost everyone]

Rating ranting [11-08-09] 
A:  Rated 1577
B:  1732 when I played it.
C:  It's now 1849!
D:  2002!
E:  Okay, back down to 1840.
F:  1861, now.
Jack of All Trades: Over 9000!
[It's just as helpful] 

This could be big [11-09-09] 

Coffee works, as well  [11-10-09] 
Good puzzle; helps me wake up in the morning. :)

Actually, it was a Knight  [11-10-09] 
What a dumb puzzle; it is a pawn?

Confused? You will be after reading tonight's episode of 'Hope' [11-10-09]
A:  All hard, as I expected. It will [take?] a while for me to ever get than, my previous rating. Like I said, no one makes moves like that.
B:  A, I can never understand your comments!

Is this sarcastic, ironic or sardonic? [11-12-09]
Let me see, hmm… If I take the Queen that's right in front of me, not only will I avoid having my queen taken by the Knight on d5, but I will also checkmate Black. Boy, oh boy, decisions, decisions…

Slow, slow, quick, quick, go! [11-12-09]
You either think fast or think slow and then guess.

The graceful Chess Gods  [11-14-09]  
I got this by the grace of the chess gods by stumbling into it, are people reallly capable of such elaborate checkmates otherwise?!

Does this mean the invisible is obvious?   [11-15-09] 
Sometimes the obvious is invisible.

Is there anything missing?  [11-15-09] 
This game might as well be a draw or stalemate or end with White resigning.

Some are happy in their unhappiness.  [11-15-09] 
This puzzle put me in a foul mood. Good job.

Zero tolerance  [11-17-09]
 Some people will be tempted to take the Queen; it's about the King stupid! Laughing

Don't want no more
Of the crying game
If you see Nc7+ first with only 25 seconds, it is tough to look for something better... That's what I tell myself to keep from crying.

The My Crow's Soft tortoise [11-17-09] 
A:  For some reason, I went Qf7+, which seems to work well.
B:  Problem shortened 16/11/09 - mod.
A:  Can I have my $19 and the points back, now?! Laughing
C:  A, if you send me $10, I'll work to get your $19 back from him.
A:  You're on, B!
D:  You'd have better luck squeezing a window out of a tortoise than getting your $19 back from me. Wink


 The Easy Brigade

They are becoming eloquent [10-29-09]
Rub it in your faces! EASY!



  • 3 months ago



    Yes it is, though I don't know when I'll get around to writing the next one. What did you think of it?

  • 3 months ago


    I just realized Blob, "You must be Joe King" has to be just the beginning. I look forward to find "Easy Company's Chess Bombs"  in the shelves anytime soon. 
  • 12 months ago


    To Captian Kirk and Admiral, I think the reason Mr. Joe_Blob posts his links on tactics strainer is because he loves us all and wants everybody to feel happy, joyous and free! Laughing Ha, ha, ha. Thanks for the laugh Mr. Joe!

    I would like to sign my name but I prefer to remain anonymous.

  • 13 months ago


    I bait with weighted breath.

  • 13 months ago


    Oops, no, I hadn't. I didn't realize it was actually related to tactics trainer, I thought you were just advertising your blog. My mistake. I haven't read the post yet (I'm just going to bed), but I will tomorrow.

  • 13 months ago


    Your earnest frankness is admirable Admiral.

    What I fail to understand, because I'm not even a corporal, is why you quiz the motivation behind 'link to blog on commented blogs'. I have no way of knowing which Strainers you will do, and neither do you.

    Any road up, are you pleased you clicked?

  • 13 months ago


    Well, I was an Admiral in Star Trek the Motion Picture, but later I was demoted. When I signed up for this site so I could get better and beat Spock, the name Captain_Kirk was already taken.

    I got here because of your link at one of the tactics problems.

  • 13 months ago


    Really Admiral_Kirk?

    Firstly, when were you promoted?

    Secondly, how did you find your way here? Wink

  • 13 months ago


    Not sure why a link to your blog needs to be posted to every tactics problem you comment on....

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    It's a knock-out, mate Smile!

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    ON the Ball Laughing !!

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