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Royal-Jam's Blog

    • Seeking Endlessness

         Sam Banner grew up in a small town. He loved it. He adored everything about it. He did, however, see that there were parts of town that could be fixed up a little. So, Sam went out of his way to do these small tasks for the community. H... | Read More

    • I'm In The Band!

       Who are we? Gee, I feel a little corny saying it out loud. We're THE band. You know...The hottest band the planet has ever seen or heard...EVER! How can you not know this? There is five of us I'm the one...Who rocks?. We're called "Fairy Tail." ... | Read More

    • I love that quote...

      This is just some quotes that I posted from different books. (The rule was even if it had a movie...It must have been a book!) My goal is to make you tilt your head back, slightly laugh, and say, "I love that quote!" Enjoy! "Why didnt you write m... | Read More

    • If I were a book...

          If I were a book, I hope that I’d be a great one. I’d wish on shooting stars that one day I’d be a classic…But, deep down inside, I know that books like me don’t become classics. My outwards appearance would be somewhat old-fashio... | Read More