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Interesting attacking game on ICC

Today I played a 20 20 game against someone on the ICC with the username Green-Pigeon and a rating of 1595. I was convinced that I was winning the whole time but couldn't find a crushing blow and therefore went for a rook ending 3 pawns up. Here's the game:

Please tell me in the comments if there was a cleaner win for me somewhere.


  • 18 months ago


    26...Nxh6 27. Nxh6 and I'm a pawn up with many threats

    EDIT: Oh, but then Bg5 is very strong. I missed this easy tactic during the game

  • 18 months ago


    Other than that and move 29 I thought you played a good game  

  • 18 months ago


    For move 26 Bxh6 loses because then black will play Nxh6.

  • 18 months ago


    Good job!

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