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Once again, the more pedantic chess lovers, bless their hearts, will be aghast!

I named Chesla in honor of Tesla (who might also be aghast, but hey, it's all for fun!)

Variation 1: Knights may "warp" from a,b,g, and h files across to the other side, but only from 'their' half of the board. For instance, if h2=N(light pieces), then Nha4, Nhb3, and Nhb1 are legal moves. However, if h5(or higher)=N(light pieces), he's just a normal N. Dark pieces Knights may similarly "warp" from abgh, 5-8, but when they are on spaces <5, they are normal.

Variation 2: Bishops, etc.

Variation 3: Knights and Bishops

I think Var.1 will be the most fun, but I'd like to play with anyone who wants to, any of the variations. Challenge me, and we can play off-site on wooden boards, because I'm sure the good folks at chess.com haven't yet programmed to account for these kinds of "this ain't chess anymore" games! :)


  • 3 years ago


    yeah tn bud make an origamy tea cup n drink at the ura-senke tea ceremony, but watch out japanese tea is hot.

  • 5 years ago


    think on it folks, we all castle-- 2 pieces move at once! Why not make some other games that are "strange"?

  • 5 years ago


    "atama ga yawarakai" means approximately "open-minded"

  • 5 years ago


    In defense of my admittedly odd ideas about the games we may play using a chess board, please consider the Japanese Tea Ceremony. There are those who swear by Omote-senke tea ceremony "rules", and those who prefer Ura-senke "rules" for the tea ceremony. There are other ways than these to enjoy tea, too!



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