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Comparison of new laptop tests

I am looking at a new laptop with 8 core and 32 gig DDR3 ram and a 2500 gig hard drive. You have to invest to be the best. Martin has 2 or maybe all 4 mastering the chess openings by watson. So do I...but with a "SLIGHT" difference; mine were scanned in and now less books to lug/tote around. It cost plenty to scan them in but is worth it. We also do kindle and mobi along withmost ereaders.

I have the books martin has (plus thousands @ 20-40.00 apiece) but many are both hard copy and digital ebook as pdf and djvu. I can mix and match pages of any PDF in acrobat professional.

Someone tell Martin he can spend $2,600.00 on adobe CS5 "Master Collection", and he has more to work with. If you invest, you've more to offer, both now and later on.

We have the tools in acrobat pro to do stuff no other pdf editor can duplicate (copyrights). We can embed audio and video in pdf and flash ! In After Effects and Premeire and Encore, we can do high end blu ray hi-def videos !! Can Martin ?????

We can make searchable videos with a pop up box that lets you type a comment or line or single word from a movie/video/tutorial, etc. and it will jump to that exact part or scene or let you specify how far back before that scene such as frames or seconds and minutes and start to play it from that point on. Verify this on adobe.com. I THINK IT IS IN THE ENCORE DEMO. check out the cool stuff adobe CS5 "Master Collection can do, both amazing and cutting edge.

The club martin s. is a TD at is so backwards, and obsolete, I just ignore their rants, envy, and jealousy.  This does not apply to JS or DT. Maybe they (the other players besides JS AND DT) will invest some money and energy into well stocked and fresh updated resources; and try to increase their rating. I took everyone in THE GM community had to say..."just ignore them they are small fish/patzers, not worth the time, just study/train, become a strong Gm". They told me to keep getting resources like new books, chess cd, dvd, software, etc.

I laugh at them trying to coach/teach chess. Intelligent players know it takes resources, and the club martin s. ha is so outdated and missing only 99% more of what is needed, most GM told me have a hearty and good laugh, because you can't train or study, let alone compete or be a NM or FM..missing 99% of what you need to get the job done. They told me spending 1500.00 (6,000.00 per month) absolutely makes certainthey never catch up, let alone compete with us as far as training/coaching, study/teaching. 

The club run by martin s. will be stuck "in the minors" (A-H class player) and NEVER be in the majors (title players like IM or GM). They said NM 2200-2400 is avg like a walk on status...not proven ! I welcome them to get more to offer. They need it or just except not one member they have is higher rated than a U10 boys group.

It may be that matin s. is stuck at a U6yr old chess ability, so needs extra help. He should work on his rating as playing 20 years and being at a U6 age group chess skills/ability is...so so sad. This is why I said let the 2100 TD host tournaments. martin should not even be ATD (assistant TD). He does not have the skill to decide game outcomes. he should build his rating/chess skills.

I have all the resources to use and often do a "works cited sheet". martin is so misguided and disorganized, he is stuck at a U6 age group rating. check uscf website rating lists. he tried to bump his rating up and never made it beyond U6 age group???? That is somethingyou hide and don't ask people their rating, let alone try to be TD (ROFL LOL). Seriously????

At least I got my rating in a credible verifiable way you can duplicate results by and pinpoint expertise...TESTING ! You can't fake 600 tests results and thousands of questions !!!! Simple... everyone takes the same test as in school and compare test scores DUH, much better way says convekta and Khalifman, Anand, Kasparov, and all the super GM. Botvinnik was a big advocate of chess tests, to select students for pairing with a trainer, to be assigned a trainer.

Convekta puts out awesome testing software to study and train with. It gives you a rating based on correct answer and time taken to find it. Chess Life Solitaire tests also do this, based on the facts that stronger players find better moves faster and understand more about chess. Let us hope martin s. and his club will invest money and get more modern. Someone tell them having 1st edition ECO D is NOT the most current cutting edge or best ECO to use.

We have dozens of NIC yearbooks and all the NIC yearbooks from 80 to present. We also have every informant ever made and all the chessbase magazines, and many many NIC magazines and then dozens of magazine 64 along with extensive collections of chess magazines in numerous foriegn languages.

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