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Our team is a new member! We've got the youngest member!

Our team is a new member! We've got the youngest member! His name is Marcelo(Russia). He is only 9 years old... 


History told by grandmother Marcelo 

"...Marseille itself is engaged in chess. At 6 years old his grandfather once told him the rules of the game. Then I bought him a computer disc playing chess training. In a week or two he had studied carefully the disc. Then I pushed him for the first time in the chess school the central area of the city (St. Petersburg). First, do not want to take, as set in the school has already been completed. I asked coach if he would permit him to someone to play chess. He said "good" but it will play the guys the first level, because other players have already left. But I still asked to give permission for the party, given that he had previously no one was playing, but only self-trained for 2 weeks. After my persuasion, he allowed him to play with these boys. And he won at all. After that he took. A week later he won first place in the city competitions. It's a beginning..."


I hope that our team will be his home and that he felt the friendly care of him!


  • 5 years ago


    A little body often harbours a great soul.
    I like the photo at the bottom of the article ;)

    Good luck!

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  • 5 years ago


    Thanks all for your comments! I am a new member here.  

    I wish everybody an exellent time of day

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    Russians always geniuses and professionals

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