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How To Choose An Opening That Fits Your Style

This post is not designed to help with the technical aspect of chess so much as the psychology of your opening repertoire.On to the post.I believe that as long as on opening EXISTS,it can't be bad to play against human competitors because IF IT WERE A LOST OPENING IT WOULDN'T EXIST! That said,what you must know is as follows: In order to correctly play any opening,you must know what your line gives both you AND your opponent.For example,if you play the Sicilian Defence with black,you should be expecting a sharp tactical game where your opponent will constantly be trying to threaten your king,while you counter with a queen-side attack.If you are a practitioner of the King's Gambit,you need to generate an attack quickly before your opponents material edge overwhelms you.The point I'm trying to make is that you should pick an opening not because it's played the most,or objectively best,but because you are comfortable with the position that follows.Also, don't be put off by how Rybka evaluates a position.If for example Rybka evaluates the king's gambit at -0.73 (which it does by the way) then does that mean your game is terrible with white? A resounding NO for two reasons: 1. Rybka is an engine not a human and although rybka's assessment of the position may be technically "correct" more than likely your tournament opponent will not be Rybka 4! 2. If you enjoy the resulting position after the King's Gambit has been played,then know that it has been played thousands of times by top GMs with mixed results for both sides.This is the case with any opening.I will conclude in saying this. If you enjoy quiet positional games you should consider playing d4 openings.If you prefer more aggresive tactical struggles you should consider opting for e4.I will not tell you which specific lines to play because it's all a matter of preference, and only YOU can tell what line is right for you.

And now I will finally bring this instructive blog post to a conclusion by saying I hope 1.You have enjoyed my one of many instructive blog posts. 2.That you have learned something from this post. 3.That if you have enjoyed my post and/or found it instructive you will pass it on to your friends. 4. That you will let me know what you thought about my blog post, and give me any feedback/suggestions you might have.Also if you liked it you can track my blog so you will know when I post and join

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  • 16 months ago


    Yes I totally agree with you.  I like play white using Polish Opening (1.b4...2.Bb2....& 3.b5... [depending on what my opponent does but this is the basic])  Also i have played this Opening (1.a3...2.c3....3.d4....) which i created myself in OTB for fun.  The opening when it nearly caused a Top 5 player in the Tourney to nearly time out. 

  • 18 months ago


    Good article

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    Nice helpul tips thanks :)

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    Simple, yet helpful

  • 19 months ago


    Great article.

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    what post ?

  • 19 months ago


    What happened to my Post   ??????????????????

    Where's my post @

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    keep up the good job 

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    nice! :D

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    If it can be elaborated, then easy to to understand persons like me.

    Anyway thx for good artcle. 

  • 19 months ago


    Nice article ...

    Thats right 1.d4 is good move for positional player.

    I am also positional player i prefer c4 or d4.

    But also i like to play sicilian defense as it give me a way for queenside attack.

  • 19 months ago


    it was really very helpful

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