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    • 20/20 chess calculation for beginners

      Chess video looking at the process of calculation and how it can be utilized to evaluate positions in a chess game.1. We ascertain candidate moves from the most forcing moves in the position, a) checks (the most forcing)b) captures c) attacking ... | Read More

    • Blunder file: Over The Board mishaps

      More blunders that I actually put on a literal board this time. There's one I got away with.  Here's one I completely threw away under time pressure (added time at 35 moves in our league). Painful - not sure what the moral of the story is - m... | Read More

      • yucca
      • | Oct 16, 2014
    • An old gem - the windmill tactic

      This is a game I played two years ago on this website when I was a beginner. The amount of blunders on each side is overwhelming, but it was the only time I ever got to employ the famous windmill tactic. | Read More

    • Another reason why you should never play at work.

      Yesterday I blogged a game of mine that originated from the workplace. It was a 30 minute standard game and I was using my chess.com app. Now, I work at the front desk of a hotel. There are "seasons" to it, and this time of year the business slows... | Read More

    • My second chess competition - The October Open - Day 1

      October Open - Rothwell The nice little school hall we played in. Hey everyone Mark here with an overview, breakdown and analysis of my second OTB tournament ever played in Rothwell (near Brisbane, QLD, Australia). The tournament location was a... | Read More

      • PATOMARK
      • | Oct 13, 2014
    • First and possibly last WSCF tournament

      Last Saturady I played in my first Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation Tournament and my overall thoughts of it were at best dismal. For thoughs who don't know what the Wisconsin Scholastic Chess Federation or WSCf is, its a non profit organiz... | Read More

      • gow488
      • | Oct 12, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • Mutual blindness

      Is there something like luck in chess? Some people might say 'in other sports yes, but of course not in chess!' In football for instance a ball can change direction due to an uneven football pitch. Or, what happened years ago in a football match ... | Read More

    • Manpasand Gymkhana Open fide rating tournament

      Hii Friends.This is to show you my first rating tournament's games.Which was held in my lovely city ahmedabad.My perfomance was too bad.I met my friend gourav(warrior200)there.I will show you my big blunders.I got 4 points out of 9.Bt all points i... | Read More

    • Learning chess: Week 2

      This is my second week that I'm learning chess and I already can see some improvements. It's still a long way to go to even get a rating of 1200 on chess.com but I'm having fun and that's all that matters for me. I'm not trying to get a title or ... | Read More

      • Passero82
      • | Oct 10, 2014
    • Why do players get upset when their opponent blunders?

      Lately, I've been hearing a number of players complaining about an early blunder by their opponent.  Common refrains include: "I wish he gave me a better game," or "it cheapens the win for me."  In my view this is complete nonsense, particuarly ... | Read More

    • The tale of two blunders in one move

      Can a chess player set himself up to lose in more than one way in one move? Of course he can! No problem at all. It was the last round of the Västerås Open 2014 (Sweden). Things hadn’t gone very smoothly up till now. The result off the rapid ... | Read More

    • Blunders... "even the guy who can't think says something"

      Today Live Chess Standard - 863 My goodness I have been losing some games. All the effort put into running tactics exercises (at least an hour a day) seems to be having no effect. I have been trying to get through Lasker's book II which is all op... | Read More

    • Learning chess: Week 1

      About a week ago I joined chess.com because I got interested in chess. As a total beginner I only knew how to move the pieces but knew little or nothing about tactics, openings, mid- and endgame. There is a long road ahead for me and I intend to ... | Read More

      • Passero82
      • | Oct 3, 2014
    • ODU U1400 Rated Tourney, Rounds 3, 4, 5. October 1st.

      ODU's rated tourney that began September 24th continued yesterday, October 1st, at Old Dominion's Webb Center. I began 0-2 last week - I didn't play good chess. I studied a bit before traveling to the match on October 1st though- read some from Si... | Read More

    • Dragon? I know only Najdorf!

      It is better losing some games for better remembering blunders. | Read More

    • N. Bellon - J. Byrnes 1-0, when the opponent blunders early

      Here, my opponent hung a Knight with 11...Qe8?? and I was up a piece early.  This is unlike him and I presume it was just a horrible oversight after attempting to activate his Queen on the e8-h5 diagonal.  When your opponent blunders early, it i... | Read More

    • Game Review

      [Event "Live Chess"][Site "Chess.com"][Date "2014.09.21"][White ""][Black ""][ECO "C50"][ChesscomGameID "920194879"][Annotator "Chess.com Computer Analysis"][Result "0-1"][WhiteElo "1136"][BlackElo "1156"][TimeControl "15|10"][Termination ""]{Ina... | Read More

      • ST_ONE
      • | Sep 23, 2014
    • Blunder file: getting away with it part x - thanks to Till_98 for some post mortem

      In which a Bird Opening from White is met by a kind of stonewall.  A number of blunders decide the game and I just about get away with a win, despite not properly developing my LSB, trapped behind the stonewall and nearly deadlocking the whole po... | Read More

      • yucca
      • | Sep 22, 2014
    • Amateur Game Analysis

      Here is analysis of a friendly game.   The scores were addede by Stockfish. I used Stockfish to identify key blunders and evaluate better options. But, most of the analysis is done sans-computer.  Comments welcome! | Read More

    • Why the King's Gambit is Fun (and some tournament games)

      Today I played in a Quad (G60|30) back in Skokie. I was in the bottom quad, and apart from my first game blew my opponents out of the water. Even tactical blunders go unnoticed when you play people in the 1000s. I need to work better on getting on... | Read More

      • Pligrim
      • | Sep 21, 2014
      • | 1 comment