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    • An Accidental Attack

      White sacrifices (blunders ?) the exchange thinking it's mate but overlooking a simple block check. Black returns the favour and it's mate in one! The best defence leads to an interesting 'Zugzwang' so perhaps the exchange 'sac' would have worked ... | Read More

    • How to achive 1200 Elo at chess.com

      How to achive 1200 Elo points at chess.com If you can’t control the game, you will lose it.   Abstract This article was written for amateur players who wants to improve their chess skills and achive at chess.com 1200 Elo points. I will di... | Read More

      • supernovex
      • | Apr 15, 2014

      I found this checklist online on steps to follows BEFORE making your move. PRE-MOVE C H E C K L I S T   1.     Material - Always check the material balance before commencing analysis! (The strategic  implications here are very clear. If ... | Read More

      • CHESSUSA39
      • | Apr 14, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • Live Lesson: Tiger plays Blitz - Part III

      In today’s blog post, I have taken time for a little different approach to chess training and preparation and decided to try and record a lecture for you commenting on my online blitz games at the time of playing them. That way, I am showing man... | Read More

      • TigerLilov
      • | Apr 10, 2014
    • The art of self-binding

      Today was the day I was supposed to win my first OTB game. It was time for a rematch against my opponent 1876. His name is of course not 1876, but this is his rating, so it will do as a nick for this post. I have spent some time trying to prepar... | Read More

      • Nietsoj
      • | Apr 7, 2014
    • Win With Better Position part-1(Beginners only<1400)

      HELLO ALL After a long time i am back in to write my Blog under DHLC label. This time i want to put some lights on POSITIONAL CHESS  for beginners(below 1400)..In this level maximum games are decided by a BLUNDER or BIG MISTAKES.But if there i... | Read More

      • udb_1993
      • | Apr 4, 2014
    • "Chess for Zebras", a review

      Chess for Zebras by Jonathan RowsonThis book is in the same vein as The Seven Deadly Chess Sins. Like its predecessor, it is more readable than other chess books I have seen. It is amusing and offers many unorthodox ideas. The author is a grandmas... | Read More

      • soler97
      • | Apr 2, 2014
    • Higher rated in simul game

      This was a 15/10 Live Chess.com game, played agains a stronger oponent who was in a simul (don't know how many other players). Actually, the game was played really fast in the begining, but starting at move 24 I got a little in trouble with my pla... | Read More

      • covallini
      • | Mar 30, 2014
    • Up all night to get lucky

      While on holidays in Australia in January, I got invited to play a small round-robin tournament in Amsterdam. I get these invitations every now and then, but it's worth mentioning that such invitations are usually not as flattering as they first a... | Read More

      • smurfo
      • | Mar 29, 2014
    • P. Mathew - N. Bellon 0-1 - An 8-move Miniature Win

      Below is a so-called "miniature" game that I won in 8 moves. This was played at my club last night and it was a regular-rated game with a G/90 (d/5) time control.  My opponent made a few well known blunders from the Nimzo-Indian variation I used.... | Read More

    • Anti-Carlsen

      You know how Magnus Carlsen has a superpower that allows him to squeeze a win out of a dead drawn position? He just keeps making moves that give him a slight increase in his positional advantage until it becomes decisive. My play is often like tha... | Read More

      • Nietsoj
      • | Mar 27, 2014
    • My OTB Games - 1 : (Caro Kann)

      I played an Over The Board (OTB) game with Vishal Naik. Till date, I had been mostly playing online turn based games, where I had the luxury of time as well as I could use the 'Analyze' feature and work through candidate moves. But, honestly, I a... | Read More

    • Shredder plays Stockfish and blunders

      So today I decided to have Shredder play against Stockfish both on max settings and see how long it survived. Shredder did rather well holding it's own and keeping even against Stockfish for quite a while and even managed to finally capture a pawn... | Read More

    • david vs. goliath: the battle begins..

      well, hi everyone, just today, i have posted the first part of this series. you have not read it then please click here. in this article, i am going over my recent heart-breaking losses to higher rated opponent.  game  1 : "i need to check my ... | Read More

    • my online games -part 1

      well, hi everyone, as you shall that in coming days, i will  be making a blog post on my finished online games. i hope that they are interesting. these games have helped learned a lesson and here is my first online win !! here is what engines s... | Read More

    • Yugoslav attack crashes home again

      Another example of a successful pursuit of a castled king in a Sicilian defence with the Yugoslav-style attacking set up. For previous instalments, see here for a failure, and here for a success. The black Queen goes on an early excursion, but, in... | Read More

      • john4000
      • | Mar 16, 2014
    • Nightmare blunders

      Everyone makes blunders on the board, but some of us are authors of the worst ones. Check this four blunders (of course I make a lot, but this four are simply unthinkable), 2 of them are from the past year (2013) and 2 really recent ones (2014). I... | Read More

      • marcelodce
      • | Mar 15, 2014
    • Tournament Adventures: Marchand Open 2014 - The Year of Gata

      Note: Annotated games at bottom. Sometimes when one is in the midst of an event, one can tell it is a special event. Gata Kamsky playing in this year's Marchand Open in Rochester, NY was one such occasion. Naturally, everyone was talking about Ga... | Read More

    • GargleBlaster Strikes Back

      Hello, and welcome to the final episode of “How to Make Master In Three Hundred Difficult Steps”. In previous chapters I’ve relived some of my more unfortunate losses, including roughly a half dozen disasters whilst on the brink on 2200 US... | Read More

    • JGambit's Analogy

      There are two types of chess players in my opinion; the ones that like to face weaker opposition and the ones that like to face stronger opposition. The latter often want to know what their first mistake of the game was.  In chess as in life, thi... | Read More

      • JGambit
      • | Mar 9, 2014