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    • 2014 Star City Challenge - November 22, 2014

      Scholastic Chess Tourney with an Open section.  They appreciate adults playing in the open as it helps train the kids for Nationals and other tournies. No money.  Trophies and ribbons for placing.  USCF rated. Please come out and join in the ... | Read More

      • LetsReason
      • | Sep 18, 2014
    • awarding penalties received fifa coins the backing

      Video replays to help football referees in key decision-making moments such as awarding penalties received fifa coins the backing of England's Football Association chairman Greg Dyke on Wednesday. But Dyke said he was unsure about Fifa president S... | Read More

    • Wexford Chess exhibition...!?

      Gorey Guardian - Tuesday, September 16, 2014 by Maria PEPPER (corrected by myself) CHESS players will have a chance to test their skills at an exhibition taking place in the Talbot Hotel on Wednesday, September 24. 2 internationally-rated playe... | Read More

    • It's nice to feel wanted...

      BUT yea, flirting on here is (1) pointless and (2) creepy. also, if i dont take ur challenge, making several more isnt gonna change my mind. | Read More

    • Evan's Gambit

      The Evans Gambit is a chess opening characterised by the moves: 1. e4 e52. Nf3 Nc63. Bc4 Bc54. b4Brief Description:The gambit is named after the Welsh sea Captain William Davies Evans, the first player known to have employed it. The first game wi... | Read More

      • Luidefunes
      • | Sep 14, 2014
    • Thai Chess

      When I am not playing chess or gracing the Chess.com forums with my presence, I am either programming or teaching. Yesterday I saw one of my students was playing checkers (Makot in Thai) on his phone. I asked him about it and he said he plays eve... | Read More

      • kleelof
      • | Sep 13, 2014
    • Find the Powerful Move #29

      We're still looking at games from the 2014 Michigan Open. This next one I hesitated over including, because the computers are not impressed (the evals do not change much). However, I am fairly confident the decision made in the game was the cor... | Read More

    • A Performance for the Ages: Fabiano Caruana, the winner of the 2nd Sinquefield Cup

      The 2nd Sinquefield Cup took place in St. Louis from August 27th-September 7th at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis featuring a prize fund of $315,000. The 2nd Sinquefield Cup produced the highest average starting rating for any ... | Read More

    • New top blog 2014

      Body-adapted Wearable Electronics From Google Glass to the Fitbit wristband, wearable technology has generated significant attention over the past year, with most existing devices helping people to better understand their personal health and fitne... | Read More

      • munnu_jain
      • | Sep 8, 2014
    • Online Chess

      Online Chess Playing chess online fast tracks your all-round development In this Internet age where knowledge about anything and everything can be gathered at the click of a mouse, playing chess online is one of the best options/sources availab... | Read More

      • munnu_jain
      • | Sep 8, 2014
    • Why am I playing so well?

      So my highest rating for Bullet, Blitz and Standard chess have all happened in this month, September 2014. What have I changed in recent months which helped me improve so much in all areas?Well first and foremost, playing against better players. F... | Read More

      • PATOMARK
      • | Sep 6, 2014
    • A Tactical Theme Spanning Generations

      Sometimes tactical themes are learned and repeated from generation to generation... Take the first example in this blog, for instance. It is game number 10 from the World Championship match in 1966 between world Champion Tigran Petrosian and the ... | Read More

    • Understand Chess Openings, Ruy Lopez

      Dear friends, opponents, and viewers!  Welcome to the new series on Understand Chess Openings! This blog series will uncover why we play openings and help you understand the reasons behind the moves. We will go over common openings and slowly go... | Read More

    • Warming Up (Once Again)

      After yet another long hiatus, I'm very excited to get back to live chess, and especially the wonderfully organized events of the DHLC! Before the first round of the 17th Slow Swiss tournament, I played two black games in the weekly single-game ev... | Read More

    • Challenge you tactic knowledge :Black to move and win (elo1850)

      | Read More

      • lavin_arrt
      • | Aug 30, 2014
      • | 1 comment
    • Fyodor Dus-Chotimirsky. Memories, part 1

      Here are memories of Fyodor Ivanovich Dus-Chotimirsky, an old-time Russian and Soviet player. Take note that those were published in old Soviet times, soon after Stalin's death. In that time, to get non-fiction books published, anyone and everyone... | Read More

    • Sensing Danger!, Part 2: Dealing with Danger!

      In part one I reviewed one of my own games where I did not sense the danger and payed heavily. In Part 2, I outline my thought process in another of my own games and outline methods to use in your own games to appropriately Deal with the Danger! (... | Read More

      • zkman
      • | Aug 27, 2014
    • Emanuel Lasker

      Emanuel Lasker: Denker Weltenbürger Schachweltmeister A book which immediately ranks as one of the finest in chess history has just been published: Emanuel Lasker Denker Weltenbürger Schachweltmeister edited by Richard Forster, Stefan Hansen an... | Read More

    • How Chess Benefits Childrens

      It has often been said that chess is a "gymnasium for the mind", but what exactly are the benefits that a child can derive from the Royal Game? Can we go so far as to claim that it can teach children important life skills and boost their academic... | Read More

      • kiba13
      • | Aug 23, 2014
    • I'm Back! (kind of???)

      I obviously haven't been on chess.com for a long time, sorry TT^TT i'll try my best to go on it once or twice everyday now! ^w^ I would like to improve my chess skills, heh. feel free to send challenges! since i rarely play chess now, please go e... | Read More

      • chichileek
      • | Aug 23, 2014