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    • Newsletter #47 ~ 100 Days till Millionaire!

      With exactly 100 days to go till the first round of the 2nd edition of the Millionaire Chess Open, the excitement is already starting to build. Five hundred and twenty-five players including 47 GMs (up from 33 last year) have already thrown their... | Read More

    • Day 8 of 800 to 2200 Blitz Challenge

      On June 26th I continued with the eighth day of my 800 to 2200 blitz challenge for the month of June! Unfortunately due to some other commitments during June, I will have to continue the challenge a bit into the month of July but I will definite... | Read More

    • You only live your life moment to moment

      As this figure moves across the stones, he steps lightly and non-seriously, and at the same time absolutely balanced and alert. Behind the swirling, ever-changing waters we can see the shapes of buildings; there appears to be a city in the backg... | Read More

    • How Far Can You Go With Self-therapy?

      •Active-directive, REBT therapists clearly show clients that they have emotional problems, that if they want to overcome them they had better realize they think and act self-defeatingly and had better forcefully challenge their basic irrationali... | Read More

      • rebt1971
      • | Jun 28, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • My First FIDE Rated Classical Time Control Tournament!

      In the past few months I was checking Slovenian Chess Federation website and noticed there's a FIDE rated Tournament in Ljubljana, with classical time control, 90 minutes for 40 moves and additional 30 minutes for the rest. Also with a Fischer tim... | Read More

      • MSC157
      • | Jun 28, 2015
    • Day 7 of 800 to 2200 Blitz Challenge

      On June 17th I continued with the seventh day of my 800 to 2200 blitz challenge for the month of June! I had previously been very busy with Chess.com University work so I wasn't able to post the videos or blog until now. Here's my favorite game... | Read More

    • Converting a Space Advantage into a Win

      Hello Chess Fans, Do you think you have a winning advantage when your pawns occupy the center early - Think again.  Having Space Advantage MUST be preserved, guarded and expanded upon.  How to accomplish that is the subject of this next arti... | Read More

    • Recovering from loss

      I've read several articles on how the mindset of a player can change after recieving a loss. I'd never really thought about it much simply understanding that it can be its own downward spiral if left unchecked. I've recently played in the Castle C... | Read More

    • What's wrong with Carlsen?

      Anyone who is following the super tournament Norway Chess is probably surprised to see that the world's number one and triple world champion Magnus Carlsen is having an extraordinarily bad tournament, and is currently close to last place. Several... | Read More

      • Nietsoj
      • | Jun 23, 2015
    • Manhattan, Brooklyn & Hamptons Summer Chess Camps

      "More than a game, it's our culture"    Summer Chess NYC Programs | NYC & The Hamptons!  (Pick and Choose...Full Details Below) *Manhattan Chess Fun & Training Camps - More *Brooklyn Chess Fun & Training Ca... | Read More

      • nycchess
      • | Jun 23, 2015
    • My draw with GM Gata Kamsky

      GM Gata Kamsky recently passed through Denver, CO on his way to a major tournament in California. He stopped by to give a lecture/simul and the next day participated in the Denver Open where he took clear 1st. It's not everyday that a chess lege... | Read More

      • SeedToTree
      • | Jun 22, 2015
    • October 6, 2014 (Unusual Opening)

      Here's just the game I needed to get back on the winning track.  I don't mean to be unkind, but my opponent didn't seem to have much of an idea of opening principles, or to know what he was trying to do in general.  So this one wasn't much of a ... | Read More

      • rkd1
      • | Jun 22, 2015
    • Why I Quit Online Chess

      The following is a reprint of my latest column for Empire Chess Magazine: Why I Quit Online Chess by Neal Bellon  Online chess is all the rage.  A game is available 24-7 without leaving the comfort of your home.  Many diehard OTB (over-the... | Read More

    • The most mind-boggling chess puzzle I've ever seen

      Like picking up a good ol' newspaper, there's something special about solving a chess problem from a book (or from, well, a newspaper!). Boring, boring, I know. But this gem certainly is not! I was working my way through the book Combination Cha... | Read More

      • eltenedor
      • | Jun 19, 2015
    • GM Alexei Shirov Joins Chess.com University's Prodigy Program

      Elite Grandmaster Alexei Shirov has joined Chess.com University as an Instructor and will begin teaching in the Prodigy Program this July! Alexei Shirov is a Latvian-born Grandmaster who studied chess under former World Champion Mikhail Tal durin... | Read More

      • GeniusKJ
      • | Jun 17, 2015
    • Day 6 of 800 to 2200 Blitz Challenge

      On Monday I continued with the sixth day of my 800 to 2200 blitz challenge for the month of June! My rating is now over half-way there  Here's my favorite game of the day showcasing some good endgame play: Click here to view the playlist wi... | Read More

    • Blitz with IM Milanovic: 2-2 Tied Match!

      Hello! As I prepare for the Quebec Open happening next month, there are two events in which I'm also looking at: the Qc Open Blitz and Rapid tournament. Those time controls are 3+3 and 15+5, respectively. Last night, I had the privilege of sparr... | Read More

      • yk333218
      • | Jun 16, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • The 2 most important thinking methods in chess

      I recently took a free internet chess course entitled the ten day chess challenge being offered by a website chessfox.com and I can honestly say it was one of the most rewarding little courses that I have taken.  You simply enter your email addre... | Read More

    • Great (Best) Way to Study Endgames!

      In the above diagram ask yourself the following questions: If it is White's move who would be better? If it is Black's move who would be better? What are Black's advantages? What are White's advantages? What are Black's disadvantages? What are Bl... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | Jun 15, 2015
    • aborting a chess game when a chess piece has already been moved

      this web site needs to be alittle STRICTER with its chess rules.. if a player accepts a challenge and his opponent has already moved a chess piece,,then the opposing player waits to the VERY LAST MINUTE TO ABORT THE GAME  !!! THAT PLAYER SHOULD... | Read More

      • 1955goup
      • | Jun 13, 2015
      • | 1 comment