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    • Challenge Hou Yifan, Timur Gareev and Sam Shankland in Hawaii!

      Three of the world’s best chess players are headed to the Hawaiian island of Oahu in March to take part in the "Hawaii Grandmaster Challenge" – a four player round robin invitational tournament being put on to help kick start a local scholast... | Read More

    • DAILY REVIEW OF WIJK AAN ZEE 2015. Round 13 - Unstoppable Magnus

      The winner of last year's tournament Tata Steel Challengers Croatian GM Ivan Šarić could not stop in the decisive game the world champion Magnus Carlsen... Photo © | http://www.tatasteelchess.com ...who became today the owner of another ... | Read More

    • DAILY REVIEW OF WIJK AAN ZEE 2015. Round 12 - Giri Variation

      12th round of Tata Steel Masters was frankly boring - only two games of seven ended effectively! It remains only hope that the super GMs cherish forces for a decisive round. However, today there was quite a significant event in the parallel tour... | Read More

    • Admin Help- How to setup a match using start time feature

      Using the Start time feature in setting up you matches, particularly any league matches is extremly easy and a great tool as it allows you to set up the start date and time for the match to begin as long as the minimum number of players are enroll... | Read More


      THE WEST’S FOUR-PART STRATEGY TO DEAL WITH RADICAL ISLAM By Fareed Zakaria Thursday, January 22, 2015 DAVOS, Switzerland — The conversation at Davos is often dominated by economics, and this year it’s no different. But the shock of the Pa... | Read More

    • Talking Tactics

      Greetings. This is week three of my blog posts. Last time (http://www.chess.com/blog/aayush1998/chess-without-boundaries) I had started off with initiating them with the nuances of the game, this time I moved onto a quick recap of what was taught... | Read More

      • aayush1998
      • | Jan 21, 2015
    • Viswanathan "Vishy" Anand (born 11 December 1969) is an Indian chess Grandmaster and forme

      Viswanathan "Vishy" Anand (born 11 December 1969) is an Indian chess Grandmaster and former World Chess Champion. Described by grandmaster and chess commentator Lubomir Kavalek as one of the most versatile world champions ever,[3] Anand has won th... | Read More

      • najmalkhan
      • | Jan 18, 2015
    • The Eternal Second: Paul Keres (part 2)

      This is the second installment of the blog concerning the well known Estonian grandmaster Paul Keres, by many considered the greatest player to never be world champion. The last installment ended with Keres finishing with a good score in his first... | Read More

      • gara2021
      • | Jan 18, 2015
    • Fabiano Caruana vs Magnus Carlsen - 77th Tata Steel Chess Tournament 2015

      This is the 6th round game between the #2 ranked chess player in the world, Fabiano Caruana, and the #1 ranked chess player in the world and current world chess champion, Magnus Carlsen, from the 77th Tata Steel chess tournament 2015. Many anticip... | Read More

    • How to Beat A Strong Player

        [Event "SWCC Winter Swiss"][Site "?"][Date "2015.01.15"][Round "2"][White "Martin, Richard"][Black "Seghers, Evan"][Result "0-1"][WhiteElo "2186"][BlackElo "1714"][Annotator "rich"][PlyCount "100"][SourceDate "2001.08.16"]1. e4 d6 {I was expe... | Read More

    • Chess Exibitions!

      Hey Guys!   I will be hosting a Standard Exibition at (GMT+1:00) 2:30 PM so you can challenge me for some unrated games!   hope to see you over the board! | Read More

      • GMRainz
      • | Jan 15, 2015
    • Chess in Black and White: Endgame Lesson 2 - Pawns

      To get the most out of these lessons make sure to join the study group. The link is at the bottom of the lesson. If you missed the intro to the series you can find it here - http://www.chess.com/blog/MichaelPorcelli/chess-in-black-and-white-issue... | Read More

    • Why Right Now Is a Crucial Time for Islam in Europe

       Akbar Ahmed Chair of Islamic Studies at American University Why Right Now Is a Crucial Time for Islam in Europe The sense of absolute horror at the terrible tragedy that took place in Paris has not yet abated. The enormity of what happened ... | Read More


      In this article I would like to shortly highlight the main critical moments in finished match between world champion Magnus Carlsen and challenger for the crown Viswanathan Anand. Probably, immediately raises the question: "Why in the name of arti... | Read More

    • Make your chess Rock the enemy...

      i would like to see some thing about the importance of your opening in creating a hopefully lasting helpful imbalance in your own favour so u r better prepared 4 the middle game fight. something that says and shows people while u can never win ev... | Read More

      • crok
      • | Jan 7, 2015
    • Abort

      The dictates of reason demandthat the challenge of any opponent stands they also demand that to advance a scorethe opponent's rating be at yours or more true- play is pleasurable and the wait may be longwaiting for the server to abort may seem w... | Read More

    • Chess in Black and White: Endgame Lesson 1

      Defining the endgame is a challenge, and not nearly as black and white as many other parts of chess. Pun intended. Not only is a strict definition a challenge, but it also lacks importance to us. We are not interested in what move the game changed... | Read More

    • Did Fischer behave dishonourably?

      To my thinking, there are three world chess champions who belong to the exclusive but highly discreditable club of champions who refused to face a legitimate contender for the title they were holding. Staunton of Great Britain and Andersen of Ger... | Read More

    • Life and the Luzhin Defense | An Honest Look at Chess and Psychosis

      View the original version of this post at Campfire Chess. In the 1930s, the world was entering into a time of upheaval. The Soviet Revolution had solidified itself into the lives of the Russian people and Germany was in the midst of economic tra... | Read More

    • Measure Your Ego

      Bobby Fischer famously once said "I like the moment when I break a man's ego". ego (noun): a person's sense of self esteem or self-importance (http://www.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/english/ego) All subsequent defintions are also taken f... | Read More

      • kiwi
      • | Jan 4, 2015