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    • Improve Your Visualization and Your Chess: Play Blindfold!

      Improve your visualization skills and your chess in general with some blindfold chess! Here's a good blog about the benefits of blindfold chess: http://improveyourchessornot.blogspot.ca/2013/04/the-black-art-of-calculation-blindfold.html To play B... | Read More

      • CraiggoryC
      • | May 6, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Ten Etiquette Guidelines for Online Chess

      These Guidelines were originally posted by Jayant Ahuja. One should not take the assistance of a chess engine to explore next best moves. Chess engines are for pre-match preparations or for post-match analysis, not for use as a cheating tool. On... | Read More

      • SamTzu
      • | May 6, 2015
      • | 1 comment
    • Pandolfini's Chess Challenges #3

      The following exercises are for the students of KLA Chess Club, of Keiller Leadership Academy, a title I  K-8 charter public school located in San Diego, CA. Chess is offered as an everyday class for middle school students and as an after school... | Read More

    • HELLO!

      Hey everybody testing out this blog feature :)Looking forward to playing with people! Actually the best at my local club already so maybe here people can play at my level ;) (probably much better!) You can add me if you want, I'm sorta lost on t... | Read More

    • Stalemate! The Most Aesthetic Swindle

      I am constantly asked by students why stalemate is a draw and not a win. My answer (rightly or wrongly) is that chess is a better game because stalemate is a draw. Narrowly superior positions such as pawn up endings and even equal pawn endings oft... | Read More

    • Challenges accepted

      I play chess at Chess.com! soccerguy282Rating: 1340 Challenge me! View my games " /> | Read More

    • On Short and on English Chess....

      I felt compelled to respond to a contributor on the following article. http://www.chess.com/news/5-0-sweep-for-kasparov-versus-short-on-second-day-7757?ncc=2#last_comment I have put my response in my blog as I feel it noteworthy! Enjoy! (or not!... | Read More

      • timlawson
      • | Apr 30, 2015
    • Shamkir Chess

      A few days ago I returned from Shamkir, Azerbaijan. Few of you will have missed the super tournament that took place for the second time, and won by Magnus Carlsen for the second time! When this tournament was announced last year, I did not hesi... | Read More

    • Memories From a Chess Coach (updated)

      The following will be a blog recording some of my fondest memories from over 10 years of coaching middle and high school students chess. I'll keep adding as i keep remembering lol. Main picture: David C. (left) defended his H.S. county title w... | Read More

      • clms_chess
      • | Apr 29, 2015
    • Sicilian Defense Against The Smith-Morra Gambit & The Alapin

      Hello Chess Fans, The previous article on The Sicilian Defense Against the Smith-Morra Gambit focused on the Evan's Defense.  Today's article presents  another variation that involves a Morra Gambit Declined with a Kingside Fianchetto. It'... | Read More

    • Sicilian Defense Against the Smith-Morra Gambit

      Hello Chess Fans, The Sicilian Defense is by far Black's most popular and strongest answer to 1. e4, so much so that many players have switched to 1.d4 to avoid confronting it altogether; however there are a group of players who have taken the ... | Read More

    • March 2015 Training Recap

      USCF Rating: 1604 Year to date: +74 March, and the first quarter of the year, ended with me being in the midst of playing in the Philadelphia Open. From a training perspective, on March 16th I put my regular weekly training regimen on hold in... | Read More

      • Chessmo
      • | Apr 27, 2015
    • Battle Of The Legends: Kasparov vs Short

           FIDE couldn’t believe it; they were upset, so upset that they ripped the crown from chess champion Garry Kasparov’s head and said, “This is enough!” In 1993 drama struck the chess world unlike any other conflict seen in the game’... | Read More

      • -_KNiGHt_-
      • | Apr 25, 2015
    • Nigel Short Gyrates the Gender Issue

      I hasten to thank Grandmaster Nigel Short for the juicy conversation starter.  My response is a mixed bag, like my chess progress and women's achievements. Results could be better, but there are bigger distractions, and no more time can ... | Read More

      • zealandzen
      • | Apr 23, 2015
    • Chess for Child

      Imagine that you’re at your first chess tournament. The room is silent, except for the quiet breathing of the people around you. You study the sixty-four checkered squares in front of you. Glancing over at the chess clock you see you have plenty... | Read More

    • Pandolfini's Chess Challenges #2

      The following exercises are for the students of KLA Chess Club, of Keiller Leadership Academy, a title I  K-8 charter public school located in San Diego, CA. Chess is offered as an everyday class for middle school students and as an after school... | Read More

    • Montana Open - Round 2 (fun with the From's Gambit)

      Round 2 was against Dan McCourt, and I was eager to try out my Bird's opening against him because I knew it would likely lead to a From's Gambit. The From's is an aggressive response to the Bird's that challenges white to a game of "chicken"; mos... | Read More

      • logosx1
      • | Apr 20, 2015
    • Merry-Go-Rounds and Sacrificial Queens

      Well friends, vacation time is over and it is back to work for me! It has been a while since I posted game commentary and much of that had to do with prepping for my vacation time as well as covering some extensive and stressful last-minute famil... | Read More

    • Epicure - The adventures continue

      The next tournament on my agenda was the Epicure tournament.  I was badly in need of rated play and the U1800 division was just calling my name.  Was I really good enough to mix it up with the 1600s and such in my area?  I was determined to fin... | Read More

    • Time

      I haven't had much time lately. I won't be accepting any challenges or tournament invites. I may join a few team matches and when summer comes I'll have more time again :-) | Read More

      • mkelowna
      • | Apr 16, 2015