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I know there's no luck in chess and my play was responsible for this loss.  I'd still like to petition a name change to Comp4-ImpossiblyLucky because I was crushing it!  Please take a look at the game and suggest some alternative lines or missed wins.  Reviewing this game is a great tactical exercise.


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  • 14 months ago


    You we winning which is crazy! But I feel you tired at the end

  • 15 months ago


    @The criminal, If 32...Kxh7, then Qh3+,Kg7. Qh6+ followed by Bxg6 is crushing....

  • 16 months ago


    i dont get it, at move 32, how come king cant just take the rook?

  • 16 months ago


    Wow, you lost a lot of games to that computer, and a lot of rating points! lol. Wow crazy game.

  • 16 months ago


    lol, computers play so badly in closed positions.I thought of an alternative looks kind of good but is it? 36.Bg5 istead of the knight going there and being taken.36....Bxg5 Nxg5 with ideas of going to h6 with the king and the knight going to either e6 or f7 or h7 for mate.

  • 16 months ago

    CM smarterchess

    Thanks for the comments!  39.Bg7 looks like a good way to convert the win.

  • 16 months ago


    Very interesting and fun game! You missed a few winning opportunities:-

    1)Move 28: bxe7 followed by Ng5 should give you a good advantage

    2) Move 33: Qh2 is definitely winning by force

    3) Move 39: Bg7 will give you a winning endgame

    Really enjoyed going through the game

  • 16 months ago


    you had no winnings

  • 16 months ago


    nice game. i enjoy how the computer managed to win despite some early "advantage" of yours.

  • 16 months ago


    Good game, a shame you didn't convert it. I believe that 39. Bg7 would force black to give up his rook for the black bishop. Then, you can still grab that pawn.

  • 16 months ago


    39. Kxe6 may have been playable, but it seemed risky because of 39...c5. In that position, Black has a few threats to win material such as ...Rc6+ followed by ...Rxg6 and ...Bc2+, winning a piece. There is also the threat of ...Rc6+ followed by ...Bc2+, winning the Bg6. I like Bab3s' suggestion of keeping the rook on g7 and pushing the f-pawn. On g7 the rook isn't loose to such tactics, and it even defends the Bg6, so the Bg6 is also less loose. After 41. f4 Rc6+ 42. Kf5 Bc2+ 43. Kg5 at least everything is defended and you aren't losing a piece.

  • 16 months ago


    Wow, what a fun game. It's impressive, especially assuming that it was played at rapid time controls. I'm offering suggestions not because I could have played better, but to repay you for showing the game.

    Here are two spots where I think there could be improvement. Both are based on following through with your plan of controlling the h-file. 

    28. Rah1. Black has no defense against the h-file breakthrough. I loved your getting the king to g3 to open the h-file, but I don't see why it needed to come to g4. The bishop was adequately protected; in fact, if black trades, you get your knight to g5, which is even better.

    Another possibility: 33. Qh2. Queen trades are bad for you. Again, the h-file kills black. It has to sac everything just to delay mate.  

  • 16 months ago

    CM smarterchess

    After 30.Bxg6 Rxg6 it seems like there might be a defense but I'm not sure.  The idea with 30.Qf4 was to transfer to h2 but for some reason I changed plans.  33.Qh2 was an improvement.

  • 16 months ago


    I think that 30. Bxg6! wins (...hxg6 Rh8+ Kf7 Qf4+, or ...Rxg6 Rxh7 with an unstoppable (?) mate threat (I think the best line is Bxg5 Rh8+ Kf7 R1h7+ Rg7 Ng5 + )

    Also, 37... Bg7 looks like it wins after Kh6 followed by Rh8# If Ne7 Bb1 Nf5 Bxf5 exf5 Kg6 mates, im not sure what else black can try 

  • 16 months ago

    CM smarterchess

    Alex you did warn me and I didn't listen.  How have you been?

  • 16 months ago

    NM Bab3s

    At move 41, I like keeping the rook on g7 and driving the f-pawn. And didn't I say some time long ago that you should stop playing that engine?

  • 16 months ago

    CM smarterchess

    That's very possible!

  • 16 months ago


    You were playing Carlsen's computer: you can get an advantage but you can't win.

  • 16 months ago

    CM smarterchess

    I enjoyed the fun king walk starting on move 22.

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