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    • Small trick from a blits game

      HIThis post is just about one trick from a blits game  Whole game http://www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=766826214 Hope You like it :)Click HERE to add me as a friend to stay in touch with me and follow this blog.   | Read More

    • My prediction

      I would like to make an official forecast of the outcome of the Candidates’.   (Пост на Русском) After today's round everything will be much more clearer. Especially If Aronian defeats Anand. After todays round it will be too late... | Read More

    • Мой прогноз

      Хочу сделать официальный прогноз исхода гонки претендентов на память )  (Post is English) После сегодняшнего тура многое прояснится. Особенн... | Read More

    • One more from Kramnik

      Hi guys! Kramnik is a genius. Here is an example from the Candidates’ R4 . Black was in trouble but Kramnik found great, spectacular resource. Full report of round 4 is Here Click HERE to add me as a friend to stay in touch with me and f... | Read More

    • unbelievable

      Hi . In the 3d round of Candidates Kramnik found unbelievable defensive idea.    Whole report of the 3d round here Click HERE to add me as a friend to stay in touch with me and follow this blog. | Read More

    • Todays Aronians trick

      HI all Here is a position from today's game Aronian - Mamedyarov . Can you find a beautiful trick ?  You can find full report of second round of the 2014 FIDE Candidates’ Tournament HERE Click HERE to add me as a friend to stay in touch... | Read More

    • My favorite examples from tactics trainer! 3

      Hi guys.   And again I would like to share some examples from Tactics Trainer which I really like. This time it will be middlegame Tactics .1. Nice and famous. can you guess whose game is it ? 2. nice and logical  3. hard one Did ... | Read More

    • Beauty in chess. One game of Mikhail Tal.

      Why do you love chess?                    Пост на РусскомI like chess because they are beautiful!Here is a storyOnce when 8th World Champion Mikhail Tal played against GM Antoshin  he thought at some point "If there was a r... | Read More

    • Красота в шахматах. Одна игра Михаила Таля.

      За что вы любите шахматы?            Post in EnglishЯ люблю шахматы за их красоту.Сегодня я расскажу одну историюИграл как-то 8й чемпион мира Тал... | Read More

    • Spectacular attack.

      Hi guys!                          Пост на Русском Post  "Show me your game" came out very successful. A lot of interesting games were shown. Thank you very much for that. Nice attack chesshttp://www.chess.com/echess/g... | Read More