My prediction

My prediction

CM stepanosinovsky
Mar 22, 2014, 1:58 AM |

I would like to make an official forecast of the outcome of the Candidates’.   (Пост на Русском)

After today's round everything will be much more clearer. Especially If Aronian defeats Anand. After todays round it will be too late to give forcast .


1st place - Aronian. He is extremely strong. He needs this victory more than anyone. He has more chances against Carlsen than anyone. 

2nd place - Anand. He is very good in this tournament. Perfectly prepared,  because of  his preparation for Carlsen. But he does not have such a strong desire to win. Thats why he drew very promising positions against Andreykin and Svidler.

3 place - Svidler. Why? Kramnik plays not so powerfully as a year ago. He wont be able to fight for the first place in my opinion. And when he will realize that then he wont fight for the 3rd plase as well. Svidler by the way is a strong player and will get his +1 or +2 

Let's make a contest of forecasts

You can make your prediction in comments. Last time I'll be taking yours prediction for 2 hours after the start of today's round !

P.S. Everybody is wellcome to correct my English! 

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