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  • The Atheists

  • All freethinkers are invited to join our group. Whether you consider yourself atheist, agnostic, secular humanist, non-theist, post-theist, naturalist, skeptic, rationalist or simply non-religious, join up & participate! Please respect your fe... | Read More
  • Members: 1338
  • Formed: Sep 2010

  • Members: 1335
  • Formed: Apr 2011

  • Members: 1323
  • Formed: Aug 2012

  • The kings of chess!

  • Welcome in our group for kings of chess. We are the kings of chess! If You have a wish to be a part of chess kingdom, join. We have space for all people. We have the right answers for all people, and if Y... | Read More
  • Members: 1303
  • Formed: Jun 2009

  • Team Italia

  • Team Italia è il gruppo pensato per raccogliere gli italiani e simpatizzanti dell'Italia presenti su Chess.com. Il gruppo rappresenta l'Italia in numerose competizioni tra nazioni, World League, European League e Vote Chess World Cup. Memb... | Read More
  • Members: 1302
  • Formed: Oct 2007

  • Members: 1301
  • Formed: Jul 2011

  • Balkan Chess Unity

  • GENS UNA SUMUS Balkan Chess Unity is group of 1000 members from Balkan countries but welcome are the members all around the World. We play standard chess, chess 960, vote chess and we participate on tournaments.Together we are very strong. Let... | Read More
  • Members: 1280
  • Formed: Apr 2010

  • The Netherlands

  • In deze groep zijn alle schakers uit Nederland of met een Nederlandse link (er geboren zijn, er wonende, Nederlandse ouder(s) ect.) welkom ! Hier geen oneindig geneuzel met tig berichten per dag over niets of andere members afzeiken maar gewoon le... | Read More
  • Members: 1277
  • Formed: Sep 2011

  • Team Canada

  • Cette équipe est la représentante officielle du Canada dans la Ligue Mondiale et la Ligue Pan-Am pour les match d’équipe. Nous jouons aussi des matchs amicaux et organisons un championnat national annuel. Les joueurs mem... | Read More
  • Members: 1267
  • Formed: Oct 2008

  • Team7

  • Team7-group for carrying out of varied thematic matches, unique in own way group on Chess.com. | Read More
  • Members: 1261
  • Formed: Oct 2010

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