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  • King's Gambit Players

  • Welcome to King's Gambit Players Group! This group is for players who frequently play the King's Gambit(if not always!). We have frequent team matches and a great vote chess team. Learn the King's Gambit and how to win with it. Thanks! jalle... | Read More
  • Members: 1221
  • Formed: Feb 2009


  • The idea behind this group is Brotherhood, as the name already implies( ARMY OF BROTHERHOOD).We embody the spirit of international teamwork. Any group stands or falls with the participation of its members . and we hope that your well-being and le... | Read More
  • Members: 1220
  • Formed: Mar 2011

  • Members: 1213
  • Formed: Mar 2013

  • Shetos

  • Shetos is a free with him self and see angels as like it, To be able believe see and live his dreams with the angels.. Shetos in all world can deal by the peace as long as welcome to all people here who's joined Shetos. | Read More
  • Members: 1211
  • Formed: Jun 2012

  • Team Brazil

  • This group represents Brazil in World League. World League is the main Chess.com group for national teams competition. Members of another World League team will be removed. +------------------+ +----------------------------------------------------... | Read More
  • Members: 1203
  • Formed: Dec 2008


  • Tactics is knowing what to do when there is something to do. Strategy is knowing what to do when there is nothing to do. | Read More
  • Members: 1200
  • Formed: Jul 2012

  • Members: 1200
  • Formed: Jul 2011

  • Team Canada

  • Cette équipe est la représentante officielle du Canada dans la Ligue Mondiale et la Ligue Pan-Am pour les match d’équipe. Nous jouons aussi des matchs amicaux et organisons un championnat national annuel. Les joueurs mem... | Read More
  • Members: 1200
  • Formed: Oct 2008


  • This team is an union between the two biggest Bulgarian groups - Team Bulgaria /Съединението прави силата/ created by Great_Gonzo in 2008 and BULGARIA - formed 2 years latter. The united group represents Bulgaria in the Euro... | Read More
  • Members: 1189
  • Formed: May 2010

  • Powerful Pawns

  • To us pawns are not just a worthless 1 point piece on the board. They are POWERFUL! The are infact the soul of chess. All Attacks, all defenses, and every plan includes pawns. They help a player win the game! Powerful Pawns offers FREE chess le... | Read More
  • Members: 1188
  • Formed: Oct 2012

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