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  • The WOLF

  • Howling high on a mountain top, Sending shivers up my spine, Stands a lonely sentinel, Calling to others of his kind. Come join! | Read More
  • Members: 1179
  • Formed: Nov 2009

  • Chess&Chat

  • Join this group if you want to improve in chess. Get and spread ideas on tactics, openings, unfair advantages and tricks on traps. Lets build each other, and chat in live play!! | Read More
  • Members: 1174
  • Formed: Dec 2012

  • Members: 1169
  • Formed: Apr 2014

  • Members: 1166
  • Formed: Aug 2013

  • Xindi

  • The (Star Trek) Xindi are collectively a race of six different intelligent species which evolved simultaneously on the same planet (Xindus). These six intelligent species are: The Aquatics, a water-breathing species; The Reptilians, a bipedal spec... | Read More
  • Members: 1152
  • Formed: Aug 2013

  • Members: 1152
  • Formed: Apr 2011

  • Mikhail Tal Fans

  • This is the group created for Mikhail Tal Fans! Mikhail Tal (November 9, 1936 – June 28, 1992) was a Soviet-Latvian chess player, a Grandmaster, and the eighth World Chess Champion. He was often called "The magician from Riga&qu... | Read More
  • Members: 1150
  • Formed: Apr 2009

  • Team Iran

  • This is the group representing Iran in the chess.com World League, World League 960, Asian League, Asian League Vote Chess and Vote Chess World Cup. The World League is the official Chess.com league of international team matches. Countries battle ... | Read More
  • Members: 1147
  • Formed: Dec 2008


  • A fun group that is interested in chess and loves the world. We will accept any rating, and age, and sex, etc. LETS MAKE THIS OUR FREE WORLD. So come and JOIN!(our goal is too reach 100+ members so we can start getting point in team matches). | Read More
  • Members: 1146
  • Formed: Apr 2011

  • © aRated2000Int'l.™

  • FRIEND we meet by chance here in Chess.com and turned into friends. And our chess hobbies making our friendship grows more with the passing time. As my friend may I request your support by joining this group and don't let go for a true friend come... | Read More
  • Members: 1145
  • Formed: Aug 2013

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