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  • Team Iran

  • This is the group representing Iran in the chess.com World League, World League 960, Asian League, Asian League Vote Chess and Vote Chess World Cup. The World League is the official Chess.com league of international team matches. Countries battle ... | Read More
  • Members: 1060
  • Formed: Dec 2008

  • * The WOLF *

  • Howling high on a mountain top, Sending shivers up my spine, Stands a lonely sentinel, Calling to others of his kind. Come join! Wolves are natural hunters. They are aggressive, organized, and determined. If that is the type of player you are... | Read More
  • Members: 1053
  • Formed: Nov 2009

  • Members: 1052
  • Formed: Apr 2014

  • King's Gambit Players

  • Welcome to King's Gambit Players Group! This group is for players who frequently play the King's Gambit(if not always!). We have frequent team matches and a prestigious vote chess team. Learn the King's Gambit and how to win with it. | Read More
  • Members: 1052
  • Formed: Feb 2009

  • Members: 1044
  • Formed: Mar 2013

  • Powerful Pawns

  • To us pawns are not just a worthless 1 point piece on the board. They are POWERFUL! The are infact the soul of chess. All Attacks, all defenses, and every plan includes pawns. They help a player win the game! Powerful Pawns offers FREE chess le... | Read More
  • Members: 1041
  • Formed: Oct 2012

  • Team Brazil

  • This group represents Brazil in World and Pan-American leagues. It plays this leagues matches only. Challenges for friendlies are not welcomed. Members of other national teams will be removed. +-----------------------------------------------------... | Read More
  • Members: 1039
  • Formed: Dec 2008

  • Chess&Chat

  • Join this group if you want to improve in chess. Get and spread ideas on tactics, openings, unfair advantages and tricks on traps. Lets build each other, and chat in live play!! | Read More
  • Members: 1036
  • Formed: Dec 2012

  • Members: 1024
  • Formed: Aug 2013

  • Blake's7

  • We are smugglers.. We are space pirates.. We are rebels.... We are wanted fugitives........ We are brothers bound together by a cause... And that cause is "FREEDOM!!!" The Terran Federation will not stop until we are all dead or in chain... | Read More
  • Members: 1019
  • Formed: Apr 2012

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