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Nimzo-Indian Defense

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    Supposedly, the Nimzo-Indian Defense is best for black when white opens d4.  What is the winning percentage of Nimzo-Indian?  Is there a statisically better defense against d4?

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    Staticallly white has a 7% greater win percentage than black. However white can transpose into an anti nimzo easily after1. D4 NF6 2. C4 e6 3. Then NF3. Statisically is does score very well however win percentage does not mean everything in the opening. After all kasprov played the Grunfeld which feature a 11% higher win percentage than white, but he is the highest rated player in history.

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    Statistics are interesting, but a poor way to choose an opening.  The first consideration is whether the defense suits your personal style.  Some players are most at home in a Nimzoindian, while others prefer the King's Indian.  They are completely different, but each is good for the players whose styles match up.

    You should first have a grounding in the Queen's Gambit - Accepted, Declined Orthodox, Slav Defense, and perhaps even the Tarrasch (a chess education in itself) before venturing into the Indian Defenses.

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