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The Communist Utopia

  • 20 months ago · #21


    TheGambitKing wrote:

    Ha ha nice flag there, Johannes. I bet you feel it's a big conspiracy on the part of our Zionist overlords to set up a unified world government. There is such an initiative, of course--but the Rothschilds have no interest in Communism. Inherently, Communism is the control of production by labour; in other words, the realisation that everyone is a labourer, and the sharing of resources in order to accompish a common goal. To understand what it should really look like, read the first few chapters of Acts in the Bible. Of course, the Jews were very much AGAINST those Communists!

    Your last sentence is waaayyy off, lol! The main revolutionaries in the SU were Jewish, and the agenda of transforming the world into a Socialist paradise wasn't really much of a conspiracy, it was an open fact. I don't take any sides, I believe any ideology which forcefully attempts to re-imagine society is corruptable and detrimental to the individual liberties of each one of us. And this is the last comment of mine on this issue, but if you feel like, we can exchange PMs if there's still something you might be curious about me.

    But honestly, I think you're just a troll.

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    My physics professor has a lot of molecular periodicity papers in Russian, so maybe I could see if he had some political ones, too--then I could get the other side of the story!

    You should google "The Marxist Internet Archive Library," they have  a number of books that may be of interest to you. 

  • 20 months ago · #23


    The gambit king should realise by now that sharing equally is fundamentally impossible between humans. Power corrupts, gangs and groups rule the world, every utopia breeds it's stalin and there are no hobbits on our planet. It is utterly stupid to believe in an ideology that does not work.. All pigs are equal, until some become a lot more equal than others.

  • 20 months ago · #24


    TheGambitKing wrote:

    As a virulent Marxist, I was somewhat disappointed that given the forum post's title, there wasn't any discussion on the strong link between chess and Communism in many countries. I don't think it's a coincidence that many of the strongest players have been from the Soviet Union, Cuba, and Yugoslavia.

    On a side note, I wish that I had some of my old games back. However, after I got banished for disputing Jeremy 'God' Silman's charlatranry and innacurate writing, as seen in his chess improvement books, I had to realise that all of my old blogs (where I had posted and archived many of my notable games, to bypass the time restriction for free members) had been removed.

    When they did run that promotion awhile back where free members got premium services for a little while, I thought that I should take advantage of the videos while I could. I enjoyed some of them, but they weren't that great, honestly; there's a lot more interesting stuff out there that's free, in my opinion.

    It's okay to believe what you like, capitalism isn't for everyone and could very well have its fall too, but Silman isn't a charlatan he's an actual IM. 

    "Let's all fight for our rights as free members, not to be confined to our role as pawns in the game of the aristocratic class comprised of chess 'experts' and 'masters'."


    It's not a good analogy because chess masters have a tangible skill whereas aristocrats are simply born rich and not really better than anyone. 


    "The Capitalist nations of the West have been too concerned with bleeding their citizens with interest charged on money created out of thin air, tax exemptions and tax havens voted on by 'elected' officials funded by lobbyists for the rich who benefit from such things, and the creation of an 'idiot class' not concerned with anything challenging or substantial in life, but content with the 'Walmart brand' of entertainment, to actually have an interest in a worthy intellectual sport such as chess."


    Yeah I think we should judge America not what it says on paper but by what it actually does.  America has hate crime laws and all men are created equal is in the constitution, yet Emit Till and Trayvon Martin's perps got away with their crimes.  What made America great in the first place?

    1.Social mobility: people are priced the hell out of college and swimming in debt too so this doesn't apply anymore. Also there's a saying, born in the ghetto and die in the ghetto.  The inherant flaws in the system make it that way. 

    2.Religious freedom: Yeah, try opening a mosque in a small town, see what people say. 

    3.Freedom of speech: Uh-huh, say the wrong thing and the big power will seek to discredit you.

    4.Legal system:  See above.  Also, rapists can get four years whereas internet pirates can get over 20.  You could also be sued for having music in your Youtube videos. 

    So America is largely intolerant, the chances are great that you'll stay in the same social class as your parents, job securty is vastly reduced, stuff that's manufactured here (what little there is) focus on size instead of practicality (so I don't feel sorry for Ford and such for losing out to Japanese companies, who actually focused on practicality and fuel efficiency), healthcare is abysmal, education sucks, and isn't really that great. 


    As for elected officials I say we the people circumvent congress and the judicial branch entirely and take matters back into our own hands.  Serve justice ourselves and get stuff done.  We don't need some judge or congresse's approval to do the right thing.  We don't trust those self-seeking greedy rich bastards anyway. 

  • 20 months ago · #25


    Kid, you may think that you make some sense, but in the mean time wallonia is closing companies every day and there will not be a lot left to share in that country of yours. I would refrain from giving lessons scholar..

  • 20 months ago · #26


    I like the pastries in Brussels.

  • 20 months ago · #27


    I lived and worked in Brussels for a year and I never had a single bad meal

  • 20 months ago · #28


    And the chocolates are the best in the world, and their beer is great,..

  • 20 months ago · #29


    I like the Belgium people. And the chocolate is scrumptious.

  • 20 months ago · #30


    The sprouts, no so much.

  • 20 months ago · #31


    Brussel sprouts? Are you crazy, Spuddie? They're delicious.

  • 20 months ago · #32


    They taste like boiled farts.

  • 20 months ago · #33


    We boil farts on top of the stove, not in the oven. Tongue Out

  • 20 months ago · #34


    chess_gg wrote:

    To the OP...

    You are self-admittedly lazy and ostensibly a cheapskate with a negative attitude.

    Yeah, these traits will get you far in life.

    IMO, though, it is worth paying a fee so as to not get all those irritating ads. And, as a capitalist, I don't see a problem with a business that is providing goods and services to make a profit.

    Uuuh, look at Mr. Star over there! Laughing

    And the ads don't bother me, some of them are even kind of entertaining!

  • 20 months ago · #35


    If GumBootKing wasn't busy being a pretend radical, he'd know the proper way to boil a fart.

    All that pseudo-radical gibberish about Big Macs & SUVs and living in Raskolnikov's coldwater flat(ulence)...it grows tiresome.

  • 20 months ago · #36


    You tell 'em, Spartacus!

  • 20 months ago · #37


    chess_gg wrote:

    >>Uuuh, look at Mr. Star over there! <<

    Hey, I am a subscriber rather than a freeloader.

    BTW...I've had the higher memberships but this one suits my present needs.

    Go ahead, get a star...you can afford it if you get out of the basement and go mow a few lawns. (Actually, just one lawn by the going rate!)

    And don't lie to me that you are OK with all those piss-pot ads. If you can tolerate that, then you can tolerate being at the bottom of the food chain with every other aspect of your...what do you have, 50 or 60 more years of food stamps and such? 

    The point I was trying to bring across in the OP was that I don't really need a Premium membership, rather than not being able to afford one. Look, I'm being frank with myself ... I'm a mediocre player of a board game and while I used to indulge myself in daydreams of becoming a Chess rockstar by watching between lunch and supper one or two videos and kick off the Chess mentor when I feel like it, I realized that the investment would be futile because I lack the necessary dedication (and talent) to begin with. And I smoke like a chimney, so if the government is lucky I might kick the bucket before they gotta pay me my first retirement check. But before that inevitably happens, I try to live my life to the fullest!!! (by playing Chess etc.)

  • 20 months ago · #38


    Umberto_Unity wrote:

    Tell us please why you think National Socialism is less inherently evil than Communism.

    How many people have to be killed before it becomes really bad? Is there a cutoff or something?

  • 20 months ago · #39


    Umberto_Unity wrote:

    Tell us please why you think National Socialism is less inherently evil than Communism.

    I go by the higher number of victims. Also, maybe National Socialism can be considered less radical than perfect (by the book) Communism, which aims at reshaping Man itself. Hmm... just different excuses for exerting power and oppressing the enemy, really.

  • 20 months ago · #40


    @gambitking, i hope you are a democrat and asked the students what they prefer to eat. Often they are at an age where healthy food is not yet on the agenda. Taking away fries from belgian students looks to me as a something you will never achieve..

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