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Why did you choose the username you have?

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    Very true. Has anyone here seen Interstellar?

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    camberfoil wrote:

    Very true. Has anyone here seen Interstellar?

    Not yet. ExtraTorrent only has horrible, blurry camrips at the moment.

    I'm holding out for a clear 1080p (or higher) version.

    The imdb rating is very impressive though, should be worth a viewing.

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    this is my name.

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    MatthewJamesMorrow wrote:

    this is my name.

    No. Freakin'. Way. Surprised

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    Idrinkyourhealth wrote:

    iMacChess wrote:

    I have an iMac and I play Chess. iMacChess...

    Vladimir Putin is not amused.

    In Russia, chess Mac you!

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    J-Star-Roar is a play on the company Carlsen models for: G-Star Raw. J is a far, far better letter than G though, and 'raw' reminds me of raw meat, so J-Star-Roar it was! 

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    Great comments guys!

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    I got into a car addient on December 29th, I crushed my jaw and the aftermath of the wreck did all kinds of things to me and the accident changed my life. Speaking of life, how am I still alive? I have no idea, and only God knows, so he must have left me here to accomplish something. So I do the best I can to celebrate December 29 every year, or as I call it December_Twentynine, as a celbration of life, being thankful for having a second chance, not taking things for granted, and learning from the mistakes I have made. Think of December Twentynine as a combination of the American holidays Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and Saint Patrick's Day combined. So It's basically a holiday.

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    Best description yet. Happy belated  12/29

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    Yes you still have some sort of purpose on Earth December_Twentynine, find it and rejoice!

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    Wow that was very kind of you guys. We may even gotten emo on this thread...so...how about a group hug to acknowledge it?

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