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Why did you choose the username you have?

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    I was hungry

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    I was thirsty.

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    DjonniDerevnja wrote:

    I am raised at the countryside deep in the Norwegian woods, and I also noticed that som bigcity chicks think they are more sophisticated than the peasants and the lumberjacks. So i want to show them something.

    I am internationally orientated, so I mixed American and Russian in my name, a bit as a protest to the American -Russian propagandaconflict.

    Djonni Derevnja means Jonny Countryside.

    I did like the sound of it, and thought it have some adventurous.

    I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me.

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    From Starwars

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    I feel it describes me accurately.

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    the name kwast has a double meaning in dutch:

    - a clumsy, bit stupid person

    - an artist's tool to paint (the paintbrush)


    I'm a bit of both ;). Because it was allready taken, I added DK, of the real life chess club I play at :)

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    My first name and my last name.

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    Sums me up

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    This bird has flown.

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    Ferro Maljinn is a character in The First Law trilogy. She represent my playing style - always as sharp as possible.

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