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Help with analysing move

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    I would appreciate views on black's next move. I played Bf5 to support e4, with the idea of playing c5 next.


    Fritz thinks this is a blunder - about 1.8 points move from the position before 1 .... Bf5.


    I understand now that after 2. Rxa8 Qxa8 3. Nxc7 the pawn is lost, but why the 1.8 points move? What else is it I am giving up here?



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    BxN seems decent to me.  That allows d5 to defend the knight, releases your bishop, gives the knight a go-to square, and generally looks good. Could be trouble with R?d1 though... try to prevent or defend with RxR or Rb8 and push the c pawn up?

    If you prefer I think you can play Bc6 instead, keeping your bishop pair & defending the knight and the rook that way.

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    hey dude are you in the middle of a game? It would be cheating to help you!

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    I would argue 17) ...Qb8 in the Bf5?? lines.

    But the issue is white plays to capture your d pawn with his threats on the queen etc, and ends up 2 connected passed pawns ahead with any luck.  You will lose that endgame, likely. 

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    Thanks for the feedback guys, that helps. As it turned out, I was lucky in that the opponent missed my blunder. If you're interested, here is the full game with Fritz's full analysis and annotation.

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