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How did I screw up this attack???

  • 12 months ago · Quote · #21


    lenslens1 wrote:

    White was better for most of the game and should have been looking to open lines on the queenside to dull your impending attack. As such, white went astray with Qb3, instead e3 forces open lines in all variations and white is better in an exciting double edged game. As to your attack, I would have opened lines as early as possible with 15.. hxg3 with an easily won position. Won't give all the analysis, but white would not have been able to play 16. hxg3 because black mates quickly with 16.. Rh1+, 17. Bxh1 Qh7

    after e3 be5 I don't really see where whites attack is.  I still have a lot of pieces coming at the white king....

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