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How do I deal with hyper-aggresive players?

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    There's not a lot to add to johnyoudell's excellent post, but one observation I have made is that top level chess is becomming less aggressive in some openings. There must be a reason for it & I think the reason is that if hyper aggression fails then it fails big time & they lose. Personally I like playing against it at club level because they seldom use book openings, they take some basic tactics & wing it, often with a rapid 2 piece attack on the f7 pawn if you are black.

    So the best way to cope with it is to keep learning. When you replay your games & analyse them what are you finding? How could you have refuted the attack?

    Don't get sucked into playing weird openings to try & counter it, most hyper aggressive players a long on calculating power & short on theory so a weird opening won't bother them because they don't care what you play, their only goal is a rapid attack on your weakest point.

    If you care to post a game that you feel best demonstrates your problem I'm sure there are plenty of ppl who would help you analyse & learn from them

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