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    It can be whatever you want. Your game where you win, or lose or draw, it can be top seed game or even one with unknown players, but means a lot to you.

    OK, I will start. This one was really tough. With my friend I played a "Championship". And it was the last game. He led by 1 point so I had to win this. And managed!

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    So I can say this one is my favorite. With sac!

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    the pawn storm, and the pawn sacrifice,

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    This is a game I played today. It might be my favorite game of 2013 so far. I kind of see myself as a positional player, but I now know that such perceptions are flawed for three reasons:

    1. I'm a beginner. The amount of blunders I make make every discussion of style meaningless until I don't blunder frequently.

    2. No player is completely tactical or positional. Positional plans are implemented and finished via tactics, and tactics flow from a superior positon. Therefore, they tie into each other.

    3. Such perceptions can limit the development of an amateur such as myself.

    Therefore, I have tried to forget about "style" and started trying to play positions where tactics predominate, since this is where most of the game-losing blunders come for beginners. This game is a successful attempt. 

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    Edward (not Emanuel) Lasker's immortal "king walk" game:

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    Loved this game when I first found it. At times it looks like some of the puzzles you would see in Tactics Trainer. Towards the end, look out for the threat of smothered mate in order to win material. The preparation for this tactic and the calculation required always impressed me.

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    I really liked this game I played a bit more than a year ago. I'm proud of drawing someone rated 2300+ (he usually is above 2300. Top rating 2387 and currently rated 2329), but the main reason I like it is probably because I liked walking with the king in the middlegame

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    Post #5 I don't like because he missed 18. 0-0-0#

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    I enjoyed to watch all of them. Thank you!

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    MSC157 wrote:

    I enjoyed to watch all of them. Thank you!

    No Prob!

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    Definitely this one!

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    Glissando, you're right. One of the best of 1990 WCC!

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    Or this one!

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    Easily my favorite game. I beat a player rated over 400 points above me.

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    My favorite game :) 

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