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Chess as Presented in Code Geass

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    Although it IS an illegal move to put a king in check, this was purely symbolic.
    Schneizel wanted to see if Lelouch would grab a victory that's handed to him for free by moving his king right in front of Lelouch's. However, Lelouch moves his king back because he thinks there's no honor in winning by the resigning of your opponent.

    I'd have to agree with him, I would do the same (not that this situation would ever occur in real life).

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    Yeah i believe it was.. schneizel wants to undermine lelouch true identity... but lelouch in return wouldn't grab the victory thing.. cause its a trap.. rather he put jis king behind his pawn..another character trait of lelouch showing he relies so cowardly at the back of his subordinates.. just like on the movie it self..on the otherhand schneizel's move also represents his personality.. a person in authority showing no mercy in the face of his enemies and kind and considerate toward his subordinates..the ultimate opposite of lelouch... lelouch on the otherhand would so willingly sacrifice his pawns and minor pieces just to win the game or war... that shows their true characters.. im an avid fan of codegeass.. i know the story so much...infact thru codegeass i begun to study & learn and play chess..way before i hate it..but now im so addicted playing this so cool game.. all because of codegeass.. turning 4years already playing the game...yey!! ^_^

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    In case you were curious, here's another look at that first game, assuming white's best attempt at prolonging it:

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