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Go VS Chess

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    Gomoto escribió:

    The third game ... it is missing ...

    ... I dont think it is invented yet.

    i dont understand what you mean, Lueague of Legends (LoL in short) is a masive online videogame from the barely new world of e-sports

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    when i saw that i was not in my computer, i should have keept the link, i found a fragment, but its in spanish, i will try to find it in english version


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    hi, im back in this forum, ive read lot of inteesting posts, i have to thank my friends here who has helped me improving my chess, i can beat the friends who has teached me, now i have no on to teach me but i still lose to most of internet peopple xDDDD

    i can still help evryone who wants to know about Go, i can teach the rules and guide you to impove :)

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    You should make a Go lessons blog series.

    Also, you haven't beaten me yet! ;)

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    VULPES_VULPES escribió:

    You should make a Go lessons blog series.

    Also, you haven't beaten me yet! ;)

    i actually teach some peoople on facebook, (a closed group), and working on a youtuve channel to teach :D (this idea will become true on november or december)

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    meeatdust escribió:


    what does it means? i dont get it D:

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    I have a book called, "Basic Techniques of Go."

    I don't understand any of it.

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    I think the question "which is harder go or chess" is kind of impossible to answer. It depends on what you are trying to do.

    Go is more complex and much harder for engines to solve.

    Go has easier rules and easier to learn.

    The engines are weaker compared to humans in go, so it is easier to beat a good go engine than a good chess engine.

    There are less players playing go than chess, so statistically it is most likely easier to become the world champion in go than in chess.

    For those that have played go and chess about the same amount of time probably have it easier to beat me in go than in chess (since I am just a beginner in go).

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    rowsweep has three liberties:

    Wakah wakah wakah


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    apersonwhoisbad escribió:

    I have a book called, "Basic Techniques of Go."

    I don't understand any of it.

    Dont worry :) try by learning very well the rules at first, then, just play xD to play es all you need untill you start to feel you need something more, before that, josekis patterns, fuseki theory, not even life and death exersises will help you that much :)

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    orangehonda wrote:
    uhohspaghettio wrote:
    orangehonda wrote:

    Neither can be played well by calculation alone -- both require understanding to find good moves, both are too complex to master.  It's relative to the individual and what makes more sense to their brain, or "clicks" with them, as to which one is harder.

    In the same sense checkers is just as hard.

    As for rules, chess has more rules so it may be harder to learn at first?  Other distinctions, chess is more tactical while go is somewhat like a giant long endgame, so involves a lot of long rang planning and strategy... because the positions are much more static.

    In the same sense shogi, or Japanese chess, is a big long tactical battle.

    And there are many other "chess" games in other countries as well, it will vary person to person which game is harder or more enjoyable.  I enjoy go, but shogi not so much.

    You should try Xiangqi, I think it's better than Shogi. I still prefer western chess though (and not just because I grew up with it).... I like the way you can tuck your king away when you castle.

    I have some cousins that basically grew up in China, and they had me play a few games of Xiangqi with them.  It's certainly different than what I'm used to... and I keep having to ask during the game which piece is which because I can't read the characters

    I'd have to disagree with your comparison between the GO/chess group and checker's group. In checker's there an incredibly less amount of possible "good" moves than in chess and GO. It is hard to compare chess and go because chess has more type's of pieces and rules for movement while go you have in my opinion a more simplified playing style but so many more movements and pieces. In my limited experience(around 100 chess games online/offline, and about 300 online GO games I've had with all three games I'd rank them by difficulty as the following.

    1. Chess: Though there is less possible optimal moves, I find chess to be the most difficult of the three. If we don't include the pawn promotion, chess has specific movements and attacks for each piece that adds many new elements to the game. I find that at my best I was still only able to typicaly see the 2nd or 3rd best move and forsee at most four to seven moves ahead on my opponents side. I was also only able to forsee ahead this amount when I played much slower and would burn through my thirty min. games in doing so.

    2. GO: I personaly did better against the people I played against and won far more games than in chess. In GO, I am allowed to play anywhere on the board. I am dominantly a visual thinker and learner and by allowing my movements anywhere I was able to foresee a longer line of optimal moves. I also played about three times as many GO games which almost certainly made the game a lot easier for me.

    3. Checkers(though not apart of the original topic, I added for the sake of the quote I am quoting): If you think of yourself as a simple AI(artificial intelligence) that would pick a move based on percentage of success, then checkers would fall to the end of the three. An AI would pick a move then depending on the opponents movement pick the next best one to respond to that move. If two players or AI were to play at there best then the game of chess would always Tie while in GO and chess there is still room for a better position and variation of movements.

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    VULPES_VULPES wrote:

    An epiphany:

    When one plays a game of Go, he is like a god who creates a world in the vast expanse that is the 19x19 board. Each stone is like an atom, or a unicelluar organism, or a star, or an angel created to establish a dominion in this universe, while his opponent, an inventor of evil and opposition counters his great plans. As individual things evolve into greater beings, good and evil begin to clash and fight for dominion over the universe. Worlds are destroyed and stars fade like candles after a strong gust of wind passes by. Unfortunate creatures become victims of swords and scythes and the elements perish in fire. The war is great, and there will be only one victor.

    I think it's simply amazing how akin playing Go is to, essentially, being a god. 

    YES, YES, YES! That's what I'm talking about! Go 4 Go!

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    Vulpes Vulpes, do you go on OGS or KGS? If you go on OGS, play me at a correspondence game. The username:围棋哆啦A梦. And nice arguement! Everyone should play Go!

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    ArcadesGriffith wrote:
    Jimmykay escribió:


    Is there a Go server that does not require Java? I would rather avoid Java for security issues.

    mm i highly recomend KGS (it uses java, but for now need to change security lvl of java to medium) i play there and no virus or any other issue has come from it, but about others servers im not really sure if Tygem need java (Tygem is a very hard asian server, not very recomended to learn there unless you are korean chinese or japanese) about IGS it uses java i think, maybe OGS dont or DGS (DGS = Dragon Go Server uses correspondance gaing as this web)


    there is also a web called "flyordie" but its not an official server of Go, its a minigames web, it has Go, chess, poker, pacman, etc, so there are lot of real begginers, but there are olso rude peopple and sand baggers u.u

    For you, there's OGS

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    Vulpes Vulpes, do you go on OGS or KGS? If you go on OGS, play me at a correspondence game. The username:围棋哆啦A梦. And nice arguement! Everyone should play Go!

    sorry, I don't go on those sites - nor do I play Go often because I suck at it (like, 100-dan)

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