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Go VS Chess

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    ggg easy 79 picture

    Black to play n kill some stones (very easy).  Will put up solution in a day or two if nobody solves it. :)

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    Before many is "a few", though, which is 3-18 inclusive.

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    Snapback at S2.

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    Sounds like everybody got it.  The whole group of white stones in the corner is dead because of the snap back at s1 and the throw in (sacrifice of one stone) at r2 (after white captures black two stones by playing at p2).

    Here's one more.  Black to play 

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    Yep!  White can't play at f1 in response because that would put itself in atari (one move from capture). 

    Both these puzzle are from http://gogameguru.com/ a really nice site for fans of the game.  They cover what's happening with top pro's and tournaments in the world (as well as other news from the go world) and have master commentary of current pro games.  The man who runs the site (David Ormerod) is a real sweetie and usually does his best to answer questions. 

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    Some of these problems listed are quite simple.  A problem set called the Xuan Xuan Qi Jing is more interesting, published 1347 AD, with solutions:


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    Go(In China,we call it Weiqi) is more complex than chess.Most Chinese believe this.


    There are two board games popular played in China,Xiangqi and Go.


    About 100 million~200 million Chinese play Xiangqi, Xiangqi is as complex as chess.


    Only 30 million Chinese play go,because it is very complex and abstract.


    I play Xiangqi ,chess,Go.I have many books about these board games.I played them on the internet.






    compare to Go,the tactics of chess is not so complex,    the tactics of Go(life and death problems) is more complex.But the life and death problems is only basic.

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    wth walt disneyn has to do with that domain name?Undecided

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    plutonia wrote:

    I read the rules of Go, it sounds interesting but it lacks something important: the emotions. In chess you emphasize with your pieces, that are your army, your soldiers and you command them. There is no such "personalization" of the pieces in Go where you have hundreds of stones that are all the same. Then the explosion of a forced combination. The slow strategical battle that culminates in the "knock out blow". The ending that is so clear cut, so much satisfaction for the winner and so much "humiliation" for the loser. Even the fact that you eventually win with a pawn, that then Queens, and you checkmate mercilessly dominating with Q+K vs K leaves no doubt on who won and who lost.


    I got put off by Go when I read that the game ends when a player says "pass" and the other one says "pass". Then to decide who win and lose you have to...count. And sometimes it's not even clear who won or who lost, that's a joke.


    Go can keep his tree complexity. It doesn't have even the shadows of the satisfaction that a chess game can give you.

    Pfft...... Those who don't play go never know this.... Weiqi is the best game ever. There is emotion in this game, too. When you place a stone down, you're commiting yourself to that move. That shows the true way of life. The game tree of go is 10 ^174, which is more than chess. Go is war!!!

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