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Magnus = Great

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    ForgoneMoose wrote:
    In which people insult each other for days on end over the results of a game that is played between other people that they do not know. Seriously, I don't understand it with football, and I don't understand it now; how can one hold such vitriol for others they haven't even met before over a game? We're talking about who's better at playing a board game, not who's going to become king of England. Back on topic, I happen to personally believe Carlsen will become the "best player of the world" soon enough, and stay there for a while until he either stops playing for some reason or some new kid randomly comes along and wipes the floor with everyone once again. At the very least, he has to be remembered for what he's accomplished so far - I don't understand how he gets so much hate, honestly.

    Envy clouds the mind. Carlsens will have a decade of greatness.

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    varelse1 wrote:

    You know the freakiest part about Carlsen? He's still only 22 years old!!

    His best is yet to come!!

    If I was Mag and I was able to win GM, I would go on a prolonged hiatus of like 8 years then I'd come back and see what the competition is. but don't pull a freaking Bobby Fischer and ignore everyone, but just go and teach then come back at like age 32 and give it another throw

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    Maybe not the greatest, but yes.

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    I Agree.

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    konhidras wrote:

    When he beats Anand in a match then i'll probably say he's the greatest.

    If he beats Anand and defends the title for for years like Lasker then he'll be the greatest.

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