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What is Consider a Good Chess Rating on this Site?

  • 4 months ago · Quote · #241


    Tom_Brady_SB49_Champ wrote:
    varelse1 wrote:

    PG-13 would be the ideal rating on this site. But that's a bit hopeful. Mostly, I'm happy if its kept rated-R.

    Can't get any worse than rated R

    R is the only rating that suggests a movie is worth my time.

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    You would miss out on some great movies if that's true.

    I still believe strongly that chess ratings are generally good for chess. Yes, they are elitist, but that's the fault of the game itself. While almost anyone can play chess, few can play it well.

    I also still stand by my early remark: a good rating is whatever your best rating is +200. 

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    SmyslovFan wrote:

    You would miss out on some great movies if that's true.

    With the proper bribes, several good movies have come out as PG.

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #244


    titust wrote:

    I think 9999 (which is impossible) is the best rating

    lol that's stupid...even reaching 3,000 is quite difficult. :P

  • 7 weeks ago · Quote · #245


    my opinion is that being considered a good player isn't to do with scores. rating isnt important therefore resigning sometimes simply means unforeseeable circumstances arose.

  • 11 days ago · Quote · #246


    A good rating is one which you yourself feel represents the best you can achieve ... Me I follow "You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.Albert Einstein

    Problem: I have ocercome the first challenfe but oscilate around 1350 and guess  will never achieve the second ... but its still a buzz when I beat someone 100 points higher than me and a downer when someone 100 pounts worse than me .. play and enjoy 

  • 11 days ago · Quote · #247


    A good rating is 2105 which is also my personal best.

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