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What is Consider a Good Chess Rating on this Site?

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    To me, a player with a rating of about 1700-1800 is good. I hover somewhere between 1500-1600 constantly and wouldn't call myself a good player, really

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    depends on you experience and ambition - i allways think you should aim for 100 higher wherever you are but i play for the pleasure so good games are more important

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      Loomis wrote:

      In the United States if you ask someone if they play chess and they say "no," it's because they don't know how the horsey moves. In Russia, if you ask someone if they play chess and they say "no," it's because they're only 1600.

       There's an insight that we can remember.


      BTW, I'm not any good at chess. 

       Ziryab, you have a sense of humor, strong player like you, we played them in the third round at my chess club, every expert in the first and second round we played a 1600 to 1700 player.

     If any player can reach otb expert ( 2000-2100 USCF or FIDE), he or she is a good player. That is the lowest title before master and better than A class (1800-1999 USCF). I believe most players would like to become master but it is too much work for most players.

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    PG-13 would be the ideal rating on this site. But that's a bit hopeful. Mostly, I'm happy if its kept rated-R.

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