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Where to buy a chess set?

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    If you are interested in beautiful Staunton Chess Sets visit: chessstore.com or house of staunton. This sets are very expensive but for me it worth every penny

    My Video about my staunton set watch here :): Video

    I hope you enjoy this set, so I do.

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    I've had good success with Chess House, in Lynden, WA. Their stuff is good quality and their staff is small and helpful. USCF sales has "House of Staunton" plastic pieces at a reasonable price, I have a set and it is good quality. If you buy the same set from House of Staunton direct, you will have to buy a vinyl board and a carrying case with it. I am waiting for an email from a fellow player on the site he purchased his very nice plastic set. I was disappointed in both the service (botched delivery) and the quality of the product when I made my one and never again purchase from the Chess Store in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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    I just recently bought a travel-chess set and I already managed to have one of the pieces missing. It's the black rook. So if anyone finds a small black rook, it possibly is the one I'm missing. 8[

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    I just bought a set from USCF.  It arrived 3 days ago and I love it.  There were no problems, I received everything when I was supposed to, etc.

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    Just get one From Chess.com do > More > Online Shop> and click Chess set. thx, Boss

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    ebay has some nice ones too

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    writed it wrong last time: thechessstore.com

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    in the pawn shop Wink

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    I have added three sets this year to my collection from thechesspiece.com;   preferred for the styles and quality workmanship.  I have game on right now with my latest.

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    i know a guy that sells chess sets and his name is google.

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    Not sure what the reference to google is about. I have bought sets from House of Staunton and a very hard to find Haida Gwai-inspired set from a Native American gift shop; it can be difficult to source reputable sellers and certainly more difficult than clever web searches.

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    TPearce_CANADA wrote:

    I have added three sets this year to my collection from thechesspiece.com;   preferred for the styles and quality workmanship.  I have game on right now with my latest.http://www.thechesspiece.com/proddetail.asp?prod=Antique-Repro-Chess-Set 

    This is the same as DGT Venus set which is what I chose to accompany my DGT board. I later ordered the DGT Ebony pieces since they are of a more standard Staunton pattern. I really like them both.

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    There is one good place to source your equipment from




    I have seen their products and it is very good. The staff speak very good english. Prices are reasonable.

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    I want to recommend www.chesshouse.com. I recently bought four of their Commander Staunton series pieces (US $10.00 per color, four is two sets). For a twenty dollar set, these pieces really are unparalled in quality.

    I am going to reiterate my bad experience with chessstore.com. They are borderline dishonest with their advertised shipping rates (and it seems like all they care about is making money on the shipping charges), their products are inferior quality to those offered elsewhere, and their customer service is indifferent (and that is being kind).

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