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Why is Chess.com stuck in French language in my google Chrome?

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    So I did a search and the result took me to the french language version of chess.com.  I clicked the translate button so I could read it and now every time I go to chess.com in my Google Chrome browser it's in French!  Even if I use one of my bookmarks or simply type chess.com in the address bar, it ALWAYS comes up in the French language!  HELP!

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    What's the last word in that list next to the green pawn at the bottom of the page?  If it's not English, then click on it and change it.

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    A cookie's probably set to use the french version of the site. Try changing the language by using the menu at the bottom of the page.

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    Hey thanks guys, I'm at work right now and this google chrome is in english.  The link at the bottom says english, so now I know what to look for when I get home tonight.  I'm sure that's what it is.  I knew it had to be something like that, but since I can't read french....


    Thanks again!

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    Every once in a while you should delete all the cookies in your browser. CCleaner is a free program that can do that. 

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    Thanks!  Will do!

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    @drfrank CCleaner also messes with Java.

    @halogenic if it ever happens again, I could always translate for you.

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