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Tournaments Disappearing???

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    Hello, I was wondering, do member-created online tournaments disappear if they don't start for awhile? This has happened twice to me, and both times it had been a long time (several months) since the tourney was created. However, neither of them I wanted gone: one was a special tourney that I was going to invite only certain people to (no one had joined yet though.) I re-created that one, but just today I realized that another tournament that I made awhile ago was gone, and there was about 11 or more people registered for it. I do not remember who these people were, so apparently a tournament they wanted to play in is gone forever. I just wanted to find out if this is the rule that this happens, or is a glitch. If it's deliberate, I don't think this is a good idea at all.

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    Same thing happened to me just a couple of dayes ago!

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