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Constant "challenge canceled by server" errors - why?

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    The iPhone app is a little buggy, but my main huge gripe is getting randomly kicked for no explainable reason. I'm familiar with fair usage policy and don't abort games or abuse players. But am constantly getting "connection was canceled [sic] by server" errors. It will allow me to play several games in a row quite happily then suddenly decide I'm kicked and lock me out for some unknown time. If any admin has access to my account please explain why this is happening.

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    Will you check to see that you have the most recent version of the app and are running the latest iOS, please? 

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    iOS 6.1.2.

    App v2.8.27

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    It's still ongoing. It will allow me to play 1 game, I'll win, go to play the next game and find I'm kicked. I'll wait it out for some unknown time until it allows me back on, play one game and then immediately find I'm kicked again.

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    It looks like your iOS is slightly out of date. Will you update and see if that helps, please? It should be v6.1.3.

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    I updated the iOS. I no longer get the "challenge canceled by server" errors, but Im now getting a huge amount disconnection from the server when the game is in progress. This is areas I get full phone signal and have played without problems before. I get drop-outs of several minutes with the "Reconnecting..." and "Loading Game" messages at the bottom of the screen. The most frustrating thing is that I lose the time when the game freezes like this - once it has re-established a connection (which is not very often - I usually end up having to force quit) the timer for me has dropped several minutes, even though I was unable to move. 

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    game abort by server......why this happen? i am facing 5 mint bann after each matches. i can see a warning, that, "am against fair play policy". i can't understant my mistake. i never abort any game yet now.

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    Ok so we are back with this problem. I won't play for a day, go to play and will usually manage 1 game. The last couple times I have been beaten fair and square, so the loss has been on either time or me resigning. I go to play the next game and get "challenge canceled by server". I'll wait a while (couple of hours or up to a day) again go back and play one game then same thing - "challenge canceled". Is there something I'm missing here? It's frustrating enough with the app constantly locking up and crashing (which, for a change, it hasn't been doing before this series of kicks). When it eventually does behave and I get no connectivity problems, I'm instead getting the server kicking me for reasons I can't fathom.

    I upgraded to 2.9.12 and its made no difference.

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    Thank you for being another person who has the same problem. You are playing and suddenly you get the "reconnecting" and "loading game" thing and then the iPad app crashes. I have a worse problem. After this I have to remove and reinstall the app. Makes me cringe.

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    Why this issue happens? Is very frustrating...

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