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Looking for relayers of live chess events

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    ill do it.

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    Hello Chess Lovers 


    my family and I are visiting Bangkok for 2 months from May 22nd 2015. Our kids play chess now and started playing about 2 months ago with a coach. they played in the Millionaire chess tournament in Nairobi Kenya while on our travels. 

    we will be staying around the Sukhumvit area while in Bangkok and would like to hire a coach who can train our family to master the art of playing chess. 

    So if anyone  could please refer us to a coach who is great with kids and also if there are any fun tournaments that our kids can participate in while we are in Bangkok for 2 months. 

    Thank you so much and happy playing 

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    Be a part of the awesome LCP team that brings the biggest chess events to Chess.com members in Live. Apply. Yes, you. Relayers from all over the world are welcome. 


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    Thanks for the hard work

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    You're welcome. I'll tell the relayers you said that!

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    blah blah

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    Why not IP ban the fuck out of this troll retard mhmmdmtg

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