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Looking for live relayers of chess events

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    No problem, Matt. People come and go for many reasons...that's why new members are needed...it's life!

    I've sent you some info. Thanks for your interest!

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    Relayers/Live Chess Event Presenters on Chess.com:

    The LCP group is always seeking members to relay. We do it for the fun of it and for the members of Chess.com. By relaying you can get a premium membership or a membership extension. It's a win/win situation.


    • volunteer their time, often 3-6 hours at a stretch, to broadcast live chess games of the world's top players to be seen all over the world on chess.com
    • watch live chess tournaments online and post the moves in the Live arena. 
    • coordinate with other relayers re scheduling, relaying, and communicating tournament/player information
    • provide info to viewers in the chat
    • reliable, responsible, resourceful and enthusiastic! 

    Requirements to become a relayer:

    1) member of chess.com for at least 2 months and active on the site

    2) clear account history (no spamming, cheating, or vulgarity)

    If giving LCP group a try sounds fun to you, say so below or send me a message. TY.

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    I've been relaying for about 8 months. It's exciting and challenging work. I get to meet fun and reliable people and see the top chess action and share it with chess.com members. LCP group has relayers from all over the world and of all ages. We've just started using Skype to coordinate, which is a great tool for the big tournaments we're about to cover for Chess.com. It's a commitment of 4-6 hours per month, but many relayers put in a multiple of that figure. Because it's rewarding! If this work interests you, please join us. Post here or write to me. Thanks!

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