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Chess Comrades

  • International 
  • Formed: Aug 12, 2011
  • We Are Comrades! We Are Bothers-And-Sisters-In-Arms! We don't fear anyone who comes against us. We are friendly comrades who are ever ready to battle the war which needs our men. We are a group which is very active, friendly and we follow that every men and women are united across the Globe. We stand United. "United We Stand Divided We Fall" So, come and join us and be a part of the war which has just started in the battlefield of chess.com area. Ave Comrade!

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  • Perhaps....

    by Ishan01 47 hours ago

  • for 2 pawn actually! I sometimes do normally, but in the game, upen is under a strong attack! That's why

    by Warrior200 47 hours ago

  • What after Kd2?

    by Ishan01 47 hours ago

  • I think Kd2 is the most playable move.Lol!it is forced

    by Ishan01 47 hours ago

  • I do not think that he will resign for a pawn..

    by Ishan01 48 hours ago

  • f2 pawn was fallin' i guess!

    by Warrior200 48 hours ago

  • www.chess.com/livechess/game?id=885121189

    by Ishan01 48 hours ago

  • Why did Upen resign here?Perhaps he or someone else might suggest

    by Ishan01 48 hours ago

  • OH!!

    by Ishan01 2 days ago

  • It's a game for Android/IOS etc...... Love it!

    by Warrior200 2 days ago