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OTB on chess.com Tournaments

  • International 
  • Formed: Jul 2, 2012
  • This is a group designed solely for the purpose of (manual) tournaments on chess.com which are designed to be as close as possible to OTB chess. Meaning, you are strongly encouraged to use an actual chess baord when thinking about your moves, and databases, books, analysis boards (moving the pieces around while thinking) is strictly prohibited. These tournaments, at least the first one we hold, is strictly for people either I, or gopacklittlebro know in real life. We may open it up to others in future tournaments. These are all manual, meaning, you get paired with a person, you have to challenge them yourself to a correspondence game. Good luck and have fun!!!

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  • tournaments?

    by baccs 11 months ago

  • An endgame tutorial, http://www.chess.com/blog/kaspy2011/endgame-tutorial--part-one-b---pawn-endgames

    by kaspy2011 19 months ago

  • Nothin' Much :p

    by Samsch 23 months ago

  • hey guys, I joined again :) So what's up?

    by M-W-R 23 months ago

  • Thxs

    by Samsch 23 months ago

  • Done

    by Gopacklittlebro 23 months ago

  • Ok, can you make a forum to negotiate playing times beetween the players?

    by Samsch 23 months ago

  • yeah it was supposed to be shows

    by Gopacklittlebro 23 months ago

  • LOL...I didn't even realize it

    by Gopacklittlebro 23 months ago

  • you probably mean no-shows. I wouldn't normally pick someone up on a typo, but that was an amusing one.

    by WRobertThompson 23 months ago