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The best moves

  • International 
  • Formed: May 19, 2009
  • Welcome in our the best group in our site. Our ,,The best moves" is just for the best players by the best moves! Do You have a wish to be excellent chess player? We have the best for You. We are pretty players, but we are and strong players. We are playing team matches and ,,vote chess". Join immediately! Thank you very much! Gold, admin

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  • Happy to be in the group.

    by Reza_BEY_BRAHIM 9 days ago

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  • lihini also closed

    by mcris 3 months ago

  • I am not.

    by mcris 5 months ago

  • is everyone in this group an admin

    by LionelMessi66 5 months ago

  • No more BabicMirko (?)

    by mcris 5 months ago

  • lol

    by ChessUniverse1 5 months ago

  • hi everyone add me and lets play

    by earlydoors153 5 months ago

  • Hi!nawaz,nce 2 see u!

    by lihini 2 years ago

  • Hi, Lihini, u r every where.

    by NawazAhmedToor 2 years ago