Banter Blitz, Bullet Battles, And Brilliant Bots

Banter Blitz, Bullet Battles, And Brilliant Bots

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We've escaped the May-trix but June keeps us in the middle of a bullet-time showdown between some of the world's best players, as the 2024 Bullet Chess Championship continues.

Also: a mysterious new bot, free lessons by titled players, and the return of one of the most beloved community events in the chess world...

Here's what this update covers: 

Product & Engineering

Another mystery for you to solve, and tips on making the most out of's features.

Image of the June 2024 bots on

  • It's time for you to take on the world's most powerful chess robot, and... wait, is that a guy in there? Figure out this month's mystery chess player by defeating the Mechanical Turk bot!
  • Wondering how to get better at chess? Check out top tips from coaches on which features can help you improve your skills.
  • Want to keep up with the latest chess tournaments? It's now easier than ever, with the handy new Chess Events app available on iOS and Android.
  • It was a quieter month than usual for puzzle lovers, with 403 new playable puzzles added to reach a total of 843,848.

If you are in tech and would like to join our team, we're hiring!


Last month was full of big chess events, and there are even more zooming your way as we speak.

Image of 2024 Classic winner Alireza Firouzja


The return of the king. Also, who's played the most games on Let's find out.

An image of Banter Blitz featuring GM Jan Gustafsson.


Find out your true chess personality, see if you can handle chess's hottest takes, and more.


This month's keyword is 'free', with two free lessons and a full week of free Chessable PRO.

Chessable PRO promotion, featuring one free week


A year ago, WFM Anna Cramling joked: "I'm never playing chess against kids again! They are too good!" Spoiler alert: The kids got even better.

Fair Play

The Fair Play team is always hard at work to keep a safe and fair place to play for everyone in the community,'s Fair Play stats for May 2024

Fair Play stats for May:

  • 346,062 reports created
  • 62,595 Fair Play closures (including 6 titled players: 1 GM, 1 WFM, 1 NM, 1 CM, 1 FM, 1 IM)
  • 54K mute actions
  • 47.6K accounts muted
  • 156.5K abuse closures
  • 21,386,644 rating points refunded


The team has integrated AI into their work, making the first-response time immediate, while still following up with human action as soon as possible.

  • Average Time to First Human Response: 1 day, 16 hours
  • Total Requests Received: 86,422
  • Average Quality by Member Rating: 86.6%
  • Total Ratings: 5,094

Thank you for being part of the world's largest chess community. Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments below!

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