GM Judit Polgar

Full name
Judit Polgar
Jul 23, 1976 (age 42)
Place of birth
Budapest, Hungary

Judit Polgar is the strongest female chess player in history, and it’s not even close. Another chess prodigy who became a Grandmaster at the tender age of 15 years old, she was at one time ranked as the 8th best player in the world. Her games usually involve a lot of tactics, wild gambits and attacks, all combining to make her a fan favorite at every tournament she plays in. Despite taking a few breaks from chess in the past few years, she continues to be the strongest woman in the world and puts on a show every time she is at the board.

Judit Polgar learned how to play chess from father at a very young age. Her father raised Judit and her two older sisters to believe that “geniuses are made, not born”. With this philosophy, he home-schooled his three daughters and taught them chess as their specialized subject. Judit began to play in tournaments when she was 6 years old and quickly drew worldwide attention for her excellent play against strong opponents despite being a young girl. The Polgar family was against participating in “Women’s” events, believing that women and men are on an equal playing field when it comes to chess. This mindset helped Judit and her two sisters to never feel inferior to their men opponents and all three of the girls became incredibly strong chess players, with Judit becoming the strongest of the three. She became an International Master in 1988 and a Grandmaster in 1992. These titles were the “men version” titles, not “Women’s International Master” or “Women’s Grandmaster”. At the time she became a Grandmaster, she broke the record for youngest person to gain the title, a record which has since been taken by another player. She has won countless tournaments throughout her career, never playing in “Women events”. Ever since January 1990, she has been the highest rated female player in the world and in 2003 she broke into the world’s top 10 players.In 2005 she made history again by becoming the first woman to play for a World Championship in the FIDE World Chess Championship tournament in that year. Her playstyle is extremely aggressive and tactical. Garry Kasparov has said that based on her games, “if to ‘play like a girl’ meant anything in chess, it would mean relentless aggression”. She has taken a few breaks from chess when she was pregnant with her children but that hasn’t kept her from playing in a few tournaments and still playing very well.

Best Game

Most Played Openings

White Pieces
Petrov's Defense (46) : C42 C43
Pirc Defense (19) : B09 B08 B07
Modern Defense (13) : B06 B07
King's Indian Attack (3) : A07
Giuoco Piano Game (1) : C50
Four Knights Game (6) : C47 C48
Scandinavian Defense (15) : B01
Philidor Defense (9) : C41
King's Gambit Accepted (8) : C33
Nimzo-Indian Defense (20) : E54
Undefined (2) : A00
Vienna Game (4) : C26 C25
Bishop's Opening (1) : C24
Alekhine Defense (14) : B05 B04 B03
Center Game Accepted (3) : C22
King's Indian Defense (5) : E67 E91 E62
Lion Defense (4) : B07
Queen's Gambit Declined (8) : D41
Gruenfeld Defense (1) : D96
English Opening (2) : A22 A31
Scotch Game (5) : C45
King's Pawn Opening (1) : B00
Indian Game (2) : A46
Nimzowitsch Defense Declined (1) : B00
King's Gambit Declined (5) : C31 C30
Catalan Opening (1) : E01
King's Gambit (1) : C30
Black Pieces
Queen's Indian Defense (59) : E15 E17 E12 E16 E18 E14 E19
Reti Opening (10) : A05 A04
Trompowsky Attack (18) : A45
Bogo-Indian Defense (4) : E11
Torre Attack (7) : A46 A48
Neo-Gruenfeld Defense (10) : D71 D78
Ruy Lopez Opening (10) : C90 C99 C80 C92 C89 C63
King's Indian Attack (1) : A07
Caro-Kann Defense (4) : B16 B12
Scandinavian Defense (2) : B01
Tarrasch Defense (3) : D32 D33
Hungarian Opening (3) : A00
Dutch Defense (3) : A81 A85
Undefined (3) : A00
Queen's Pawn Opening (9) : D03 D02 D00
Petrov's Defense (7) : C42 C43
French Defense (6) : C10 C01 C02 C00
Catalan Opening (6) : E00 E05 E01
Richter-Veresov Attack (1) : D01
London System (6) : A48
Queen's Gambit Declined (11) : D44 D38 D31 D37 D35
Modern Defense (4) : B06
Benko Gambit Half-Accepted (7) : A57
Italian Game (1) : C55
Benko Gambit Fully-Accepted (6) : A59 A58
Queen's Gambit Accepted (2) : D28 D20
Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack (2) : A01
Benko Gambit Declined (6) : A57
Old Benoni Defense (1) : A44