Top Chess Improvement Tips (And How To Lose To An Owl At Chess)

Top Chess Improvement Tips (And How To Lose To An Owl At Chess)

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November has come, bringing with it a huge new partnership and lots of exciting developments in the chess world. Can you defeat Duo, or will this cultured green owl be your doom?

Here's what this monthly update covers: 

Product & Engineering

Duolingo is now on! Also, there's something else to brighten up your day if you're into engine analysis.

Banner promoting the and DuoLingo collaboration.

If you are in tech and would like to join our team, we're hiring!


October saw some scarily good performances by GMs and non-GMs alike.

Image of IM Polina Shuvalova, the 2023 IMSCC champion.


Check out some of the brilliant things going on in the community, including one gigantic green highlight.

The winning entry of's 2023 Photoshop contest, with IM Danny Rensch in a pawn suit inserted into a classical painting.


Lots of useful new content to help you improve at chess, and a fun look at the different playing styles of some of the game's most legendary figures.


It's (still) not too late for you to become the internet's new favorite chess teacher. Check out the details below.

GM Maurice Ashley wearing a Chessable shirt, with text on the image promoting the 2023 Create Your Own Course competition.


A big addition to the upcoming ChessKid National Festival, and other exciting news.

A promo image for the ChessKid National Festival in 2023.

Fair Play

The Fair Play team, as always, kept a safe and fair place to play for everyone last month.

Fair Play stats for October:

  • 61,308 Fair Play closures (including 4 titled players)
  • 88.8K mute actions
  • 78.7K accounts muted
  • 106.2K abuse closures


The Support team is always here to respond to your questions. Even if that question is "What is en passant?"

  • Average Time to First Response: 2 days
  • Total Requests Received: 78,651
  • Average Quality by Member Rating: 93%
  • Total Ratings: 6,763

As always, thank you for making such an amazing place, and thank you for the comments you leave on these updates. Stay tuned—your thoughts might be featured in one of these updates soon...

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