Play The Live Chess World League Season 5
The Live Chess World League is a community-run initiative driven by club admins and members.

Play The Live Chess World League Season 5

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Would you like to represent your homeland in the "Olympics of chess"?

The Live Chess World League will soon begin season five on with dozens of countries and thousands of players competing from around the globe.

The Live Chess World League pits countries vs countries in rapid, blitz and bullet club matches on the live server. Nothing adds greater stakes to competition than national representation.

Will you help bring home the gold for your team?


Thirty-eight teams or more will compete in five or more divisions in a round-robin format. After one round-robin, the top four and bottom four teams in the top three divisions will play a second round-robin battling for division victory and advancement, or trying to fend off relegation.

Division four will instead enter a knockout playoff for the top four teams, to decide the division glory.

Overall matches will consist of mini-matches in rapid (10|2), blitz (5|2) and bullet (1|1).

Season 5 Teams:

Players seeking to compete in the Live Chess World League should join their local team and stay tuned for league and match announcement from their club admins. Remember, you can only play for one national team throughout the season!

Div. 1
(min 25)
Div. 2
(min 20)
Div. 3
(min 15)
Div. 4
(min 10)
Div. 5
(min 5)










Team Ukraine

Team Slovakia

Ecuador Live Chess

Team Italia

Team India

Team Russia

Team Romania Nicaragua

Team Canada Live

Team Pakistan

Srbija Tim

Team USA Live

Team Bangladesh

Team Venezuela

Team Hungary - Magyar Sakkegylet

Team France

Team of the Czech Republic

Team England Live


Team Algeria

Argentina Live Chess

Mexico Live Chess

Team Uzbekistan

Team Australia

Team Galicia

Team Kazakhstan

Team Philippines Live Chess

Team Azerbaijan Team Denmark Team China 中国队


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Team Puerto Rico and Olivari friends

Team Chile KNSB Nederland

Team Peru

Team Brazil Live

Team Turkey
Team Spain
Costa Rica Live Chess

Future Teams:

If you are an admin of an interested national team, you can sign up in the club forum to participate in season five!

The deadline for signups is the January 19. The season is scheduled to start on the January 27, and teams will play 10 matches between then and May 17. Full details of the schedule are available here.

Does your country lack a club to represent it? Form a club and submit to join in future seasons!

Do you want to track the results of the Live Chess World League? Follow the @LCWL account to be notified of new updates and articles throughout the season!


Season five of the Live Chess World League will feature thousands of dollars in premium membership prizes for the best-performing teams and individuals.

Here are the prizes:

Division 1 Prizes

Prizes 1st-place scorer 2nd-place scorer 3rd-place scorer 4th-10th-place scorer
1st team 2-year 1-year 9-month 6-month
2nd team 1-year 9-month 6-month 3-month
3rd team 9-month 6-month 3-month 1-month
4-5th team 6-month 3-month 1-month
6-8th team 6-month

Division 2 Prizes

Prizes 1st-place scorer 2nd-place scorer 3rd-5th-place scorer
1st team 1-year  6-month 3-month
2nd team 6-month 3-month 2-month
3rd team 3-month 2-month 1-month

Division 3 Prizes

Prizes 1st-place scorer 2nd-place scorer 3rd-5th-place scorer
1st team 1-year  6-month  3-month 
2nd team 6-month  3-month  2-month 
3rd team 3-month  2-month  1-month 

The winning teams in divisions 4 and 5 will each win three-month gold memberships for their top five players.

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