Who Will Win PRO Chess League Week 2?

Who Will Win PRO Chess League Week 2?

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The PRO Chess League's panel of pundits is back for week two. The second week of action is rivalry week (amongst the teams, not the panel, we think)!

For more on who the quintet comprising the illustrious panel, click back to week one's predictions.

How did they fare in the opener? Four of the five panelists predicted more than half right, with the early leader sitting on 75 percent.

Tarjei Svensen got 16 of the 24 match outcomes correct. He also got two exactly right, which we will track for posterity.

NM Alex King got three scores exactly right and is only two games behind Svensen on 14/24. Tied for third are IM Robert Ris and Shaun McCoy, who both sit on 13. NM Pete Karagianis will look to get back over .500 this week, but in his defense, he coached 300 kids at yesterday's Martin Luther King Jr. Day Chess Tournament, so the community still loves him.

In every non-tied match at least one pundit predicted the outcome correctly. However, only in one match did one panelist go against the grain and be proven right. King's gumption paid off with his 8.5-7.5 pick of Riga over Norway. The Magicians won by even more than that, but credit King with going his own way.

On to week two! Here are the picks from the panel, and below you'll find links to their individual blogs. Love the picks? Hate them? Have a reasoned argument for why the panelist is insane? Comment away below or in the panelist's blog!

Ris's blog, where the IM invokes theory and decides that the Budapest Gambit is more sound than the Belgrade Gambit.

King's blog, where he throws the odds out the window in wanting to pick an 8-8 tie, and also for guessing that GM Keith Arkell will go into four rook endings. 

Karagianis's blog, where he declares "The Curry Bowl" no contest and manages an Antonio Banderas reference. Masterful!

Svensen's blog, where we shouldn't be too critical on his thinking the Gnomes will invade South Africa (last week's whipping post Carolina has changed to Johannesburg this week by many pundits).

McCoy's blog, complete with movie, t.v. show, and music themes. Although he picks his hometown Cobras, his "Deliverance" reference forgets that the cringe-worthy movie was filmed and took place in Georgia.

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