Why For Titled Players and Coaches?

Why For Titled Players and Coaches?

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Titled Players & Chess Professionals—Welcome to!

You have devoted a big part of your life to our great game and achieved much in the process, earning the respect and admiration of our staff and our 16,000,000 members! To recognize your achievement of Master, we offer you full access to all our features for FREE: a lifetime Diamond Membership. Here are some of the things that will be valuable to you as an elite player:

  • Learn:  Powerful tools like Tactics Trainer and Lessons challenge players of any level to stay sharp in their quest for chess perfection (click here to see the list of international masters and grandmasters already using Tactics Trainer as part of their studies)!
  • Play:  Real-time action is always available on our Live Chess server; find tens thousands of other members online, 24 hours a day! You can also start as many Daily games as you want and play correspondence-style with dozens (or hundreds) of your friends, fellow Titled Players, and other members. Play from anywhere with our amazing apps for Android and iOS.
  • Watch:  Check out live relays and commentary during top tournaments. features an array of chess personalities and fellow Titled Players! 
  • Publish:  Feature your blog on and build a bigger fan base than you ever thought possible! Top-notch chess-publishing tools make it painless. Check out's Top Bloggers here!
  • Teach...Yes, professional Chess Coaches have excellent reasons to offer online lessons on
  • Students: With over 16,000,000 members, is the best place to find students. Use our searchable coaching profiles (classifieds) to promote your accomplishments and the services you offer to our huge community of chess enthusiasts!
  • Innovative Coaching Tools: We have a suite of features designed to make coaching convenient and effective. Our live chess Live Analysis provides the ultimate online classroom, including graphical arrows and support for both one-on-one and group lessons. With our Live Analysis you can paste fen/pgn on the fly, from practically any source, and most importantly, all your analysis during the lesson is automatically "building" a potential pgn to be copied back and saved to whatever chess program you use (ChessBase and Chess Assistant)! You also have easy access to students' games, and the ability to copy, annotate, and send games via messaging (avoiding the hassle of emailing games back and forth). Below you can watch a video tutorial on how to use our Analysis Board:

  • Analyze:'s analysis board allows you (or your students) to easily throw a pgn or FEN in for engine and opening analysis. Save comments and annotations and easily share your materials with students or social media!

  • Resource Material: has more training tools and features than any other chess website in the world, and you can use these tools to reinforce the hard work you do with your students! Assign an Article that reinforces a strategic principle you just taught, encourage your students to watch a Video Lecture on their opening, find a Lesson to improve their endgame skills, use Drill to practice critical techniques, have students use Vision to practice board vision, send them to our Explorer to review key opening lines, or direct them to Tactics By Theme to fix those missed intermezzos! Your lucky students will never run out of homework!

What do we ask from you in return for all this? Nothing, really! We just want you to see yourselves as we do: Ambassadors for the world's greatest game. Help us keep a friendly place to promote and share in the love of chess! We also encourage you to use your real name and picture in your personal profile as this will enhance your credibility on the site. Your fans will be thrilled to know you're here!


Video for playing a Simul in Live Chess

Thanks for being a big part of what makes the best chess website in the world!

Best wishes,

International Master Daniel Rensch—Co-Director of Content & Professional Relations


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