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Me vs MAGNUS 16!

Me vs MAGNUS 16!

Aug 22, 2016, 1:41 PM 1


Hello guys. 

I am thrilled to tell you i finally beat Magnus 16 after losing more than 20 games in total to him. I can tell for sure this level was the most brutal, painful, most struggling barrier for me to overcome. 2 times before i was 99% sure i was Drawing against Magnus 16 until he outsmarted me yet again to claim victory!Yell I thought it's impossible to get a draw against this BEAST until i believed i can do it that day and i gave it my all. Moral of the story: If you try hard enough, anything can happenSmile.

At 16 and 1 month, Carlsen was ranked 24th in the world! having a rating of nearly 2700 the elite GM dimension

It was a fair game as always (no engines) standard control. Let's begin, enjoy!


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