Blindfold Chess Reawakening

Blindfold Chess Reawakening

Aug 15, 2017, 4:28 AM |

First I will have a disclaimer that I am not actually the man in the blog image. I found such great image from Namaste Studios for meditation because peace of mind and concentration is needed in blindfold chess.


Long time ago I have written an article on my blindfold chess. But I failed to follow thru because of health consideration. Blindfold takes a lot of my strength so I have done many exercises and practice to prepare myself for this activity.


I have no coach and I cant attend a club so nobody can help me play blindfold. My wife is not a chess player while my daughter still needs a lot of time figuring out that captures are completely alright in chess. My 4-year old does not like when I capture her pieces especially the Queen. Thankfully I have Chessmaster to help me play.


Today I restarted my blindfold activity against the lowest personality in the 1000-1500 rating range, Lucy. I did had a game of blindfold against this personality but since this is a new beginning I need to start from her.



Here's Chessmaster Analysis of the game.


While this is the analysis from tool.

Strength White Black
Excellent 29 25
Good 1 0
Inaccuracy (?!) 1 1
Mistake (?) 0 3
Blunder (??) 0 1
Forced 1 1
Best Move 57.7% 23.1%
CAPS  90.06 14.87
Avg. Diff 0.52 1.66

Wow, that's a high CAPS. I still have 57% Best Move rate which is good considering that I am in blindfold.


If you are interested in viewing how I played the game is recorded with audio (sorry about my voice) so that you can hear out my thought process. Its unrefined but I am working on that.

After the game, and while writting this blog, I feel some weirdness in my brain. I have a weird feeling on the motor strip and the frontal lobe. I dont have headache, actually I felt more lighter than I was an hour ago.


Since it is a Sunday in my place in the globe, and nothing much to do, I will play another match later. I will take on Lucy again but this time as Black. After beating her I will play on the next guy in the list.