Game Analysis: May 25, 2017

Game Analysis: May 25, 2017

May 29, 2017, 1:57 AM |

Not every day you are in you chessful mind. Today's games were played by somebody else and not me. Haha. I am surprised that I missed a lot of simple tactics that I usually able to see. Anyway, I added some more stuffs in the analysis. Maybe we can gain more from the additional information.


Game 1: C67 Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence, open variation

Not so often do I see the Berlin Defense in my Ruy Lopez. Even more rare is the capture of the knight on e4. I remember there's a dedicated book on this variation but I did not read it because I almost always have the Morphy Defense instead of the Berlin.

Game 1.1 This game is a lot similar with my game. If only I did not blunder.


Game 1.2 Now this is awesome. A blindfold exhibition.



Game 2: C44 Scotch gambit, Benima defence

How to learn from mistakes? That is by not doing it again. But when you always do the same thing does it mean you did not learn anything?

Game 2.1 Its amazing that the game is similar for the first 10 moves. This line, with the sacrificed knight on h6 might be worth investigating.



Game 3: B41 Sicilian, Kan variation

Being not yourself while playing will not help you while playing against better opponents.


Game 3.1 Here's a game that stems from similar opening.



I did not like the games I had today. But I do like adding master games that is similar with my game's opening. It kind of gives me more courage to use such an opening next time.