Training Routine

Training Routine

Aug 18, 2016, 6:01 AM |

July 2015 is when I started training harder to improve my chess. I search the internet, buy books, download apps and programs, and played a lot of chess. I also acquired 4 sets of boards already because I am a little picky about the piece design, weight, size and portability.


I only earn so much as a freelancer. So I cant afford expensive equipment, coaches and premium. Its a bit discouraging specially as after all I did for the first half year of training I cannot break 1700 in's Correspondence Chess. I made it a goal that if I reached 1800 in either correspondence or live chess at then I will join the Philippine federation.


In later months I still feel uncomfortable with my games. Occasionally being beaten by lower rated players. Making blunders and even losing a winning game! I am starting to think that my training is not right. Or am I just too old at 34. 


What have I been doing before? 

1. Play lots of Correspondence Chess. 

2. Read a chapter about opening. 

3. Read a chapter  about middlegame.

4. Read a chapter about endgame.

5. Do tactics.

6. Play simultaneous 31 games.  

7. Train to play blindfold chess.


This WAS my training routine for the first ten months on a weekly cycle. I felt I improved, but the games show otherwise. I gave up. I dont understand the books. I am not improving the way I wanted. Its not helping me get inspired.


Incidentally, I am watching an anime about boxing. the character used to be a bully victim who later on became a national champion. Hard work and right training is the key to his success. Then a brainwave. Maybe I should train like a boxer.


So I modified my training routine.

1. Do 5 tactics in the morning and 5 in the evening. (Jogging) 

2. Read a chess lesson. (Mitts training)

3. Watch a chess video. (Sand bag punching)

4. Play few live chess. (Sparring) 

5. Play blindfold. (Shadow boxing)


This is my training routine in July 2016. I do number 1 to 4 on a daily basis, like a boxer's training menu. While number 5 is just once a week. I seem to see improvements in my games. Later in August 2016 I added the following:

6. Simultaneous 10 game (Weekly)

7. Blindfold Private Message Chess (Currently have two on going)

8. Review master games (When I have spare time)


For training routine number 1 to 3 I used's premium privileged. How I got a premium is another story. I need to thank @thegreatpatzer for it. As my premium ended a few days ago I will still use the free features until I am able to renew. These can be availed for free from other sites, but has some appeal and getting the premium is helping the people who help you improve. 


I am planning to add more routine in the future such as:

9. Blindfold Correspondence Chess (might be limiting it to just 10 games)

10. Join a weekly live tournament

11. Join ChessTV  Live and challenge a GM in a bullet


Each training routine deserve a blog. Its not neat to have them all in one page anyway. But I need to mention that the one training routine that gave me a boost is blindfold chess. Its hard to gain but when you do its really great.


My training routine may not be the best, nor do I claim that its the best. One thing for sure, I am satisfied with the improvements I see in my recent games. I may not win every game, but when I lose I have no regrets, only a learning experience.